TSA Confiscates Pregnant Woman's Insulin, Ice Packs: Security Tells Woman Isulin Vial Was Explosive

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Fisher1949

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    Things may be changing on this as TSA becomes more abusive and the horror stories mount. Before 2010 TSA was mostly a figurative pain in the butt but largely just stupid. Now that they have literally become a pain in the butt (and other nether regions) and public opinion has shifted from bewilderment to something more akin to hatred.

    I stop by a gas station/Dunkin Donuts most mornings and one day this past winter a female TSO was waiting in line ahead of me when I remarked to a few others in the line to be on guard in case she suddenly felt the need to grope someone. The other patrons chuckled and she feigned being unaware of the groups comments about TSA and quietly left the store.

    Since I have a friendly acquaintance with the station operator, a young man of Middle Eastern origin, I jokingly chided him for serving child molesters. He apparently didn't notice she was TSA while she was paying and became agitated at this realization, standing up to look to see who she was and checking video monitors. He said if he'd known that beforehand she would have been waiting a long time to get gas and her credit card back. I was a bit surprised at his reaction and he volunteered that his family had been harassed by TSA at BWI a month earlier and he resented TSA for that.

    I don't know if she ever came back but I haven't seen her or anyone in a TSA costume at that station since.
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    I think so. I think stuff is building up. My company is in a pretty left leaning, liberal area, with folks who you'd think would be anything for safety types. They also tend to travel on business A LOT. When I bring this up, I'm surprised at the heat and disdain I hear from them regarding the disgusting and unsafe TSA screening grope and scope. Even comments about 4th Amendment violations no less. (ok, this last was from a CANADIAN even!!!) Human nature is damned resilient. If seventy years of hammering by Soviet KGBs couldn't accustom the people there to figurative blue gloves up their anuses, TSA has NO hope of prevailing here.
  3. Mike

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    TSA is claiming that they confiscated only unfrozen ice packs, not insulin.

    MSNBC: Pregnant flier says TSA confiscated her insulin

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    Too many people are cowed by authority -- or perceived authority -- whether they're going to an airport or not, whether they're going through a checkpoint or not, whether they're in unfamiliar or familiar territory. This is human nature, as countless experiments have demonstrated.

    My circle of friends and colleagues are all highly experienced travelers. Doesn't matter. They still don't get it. They have no guts. They just want to get to their destination. They talk a good game about freedom and rights and principles and convictions and blah blah blah. They are lawyers, professors, doctors, PhDs, journalists, engineers, scientists -- they don't give a (expletive deleted). They're cowards. They don't care as long as the taking-away-of-insulin, the bullying, the harassment, the groping doesn't happen to them.

    Think about lawyers especially and what that means -- you're schooled in law. You're supposed to know what the flipping Bill of Rights means. The Constitution is supposed to mean something, it's not just some quaint document. But they're some of the worst when it comes to this issue. The ones I know just roll their eyes. They don't care.

    As Mike has said, one grope at a time. One grope at a time.
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    Gee, they're lying again?? That never happens!

    They have done this consistently, every single time one of these stories has come out. They lied about the woman and her diaper, they lied about the 29-year-old retarded man, they lied about Yukari Miyamae, on and on. They lie. They are shameless.
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  6. barbell

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    But here's the rub. All they have to do is lie once, and at least a good portion of people will see that lie and lap it up.

    Remember Lena Reppert who's choices were (after an actual strip search, no less): take off your adult diaper, leave the airport?

    In one of the comments sections for the one of the recent stories, it's so hard to keep track, some guy made some comment along the lines of, "All of these stories are hysterics and hyperbole! You people need to grow up! I mean, remember how everyone got upset because TSA took off that woman's diaper? Her daugher chose to do it! Her daughter did it to her!"

    Seriously? Seriously. This guy was all, "Oh, it's ok, her daughter took off her diaper." The complete and total lack of critical thought when TSA comes out with statements such as, "Oh, we didn't take her insulin, she just isn't supposed to travel with a partially frozen ice pack." Except what they don't say is that the ice pack caught a screener's attention, and while rooting around for it they found the insulin and even though it was not only a clearly labeled medical liquid, it was also well within the limits as a "normal" liquid. The problem was she didn't FOLLOW THE RULES and follow the proper "respect my authoritah!" protocols by "declaring" her medical liquids first. So they probably were taken. TSA doesn't ever tell that side of the story.

    And even more importantly, how many times do they miss "dangerous" liquids such as these in the first place? I once was at a business function that had an open bar shortly after 3-1-1 was introduced. I found myself sitting next to an executive-level manager for one of the companies that makes the carry-on x-ray machines. I asked him, "Why do they make us take out the baggie?" He said because the machines don't "see" liquid, so any good little rule follower will take their baggie out, put it up for examination, and move on. A determined terrorist can get a liquid through if s/he wants to.

    Now that I work with imagining myself I understand. While the liquid would be a different density on the screen, it likely won't be noticed unless it's in a commonly known shape. That's why stories abound about confiscated water bottles and ice packs. They are "known" shapes, and therefore easy to identify. Put that same liquid in an unusually shaped container, it is unlikely to garner notice.
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    OK, I don't understand. Maybe I don't know what left-leaning liberal means, but I consider myself to be one and I have been against the TSA for at least 5 years. Many of my democrat friends feel the same way but those who consider themselves republican, which I equate with right-leaning, support the TSA or at least aren't vocal about their abuses.

    Why do people say liberals support the TSA?
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  8. Lisa Simeone

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    Doober, I may be able to answer that insofar as I consider myself left of liberal and most of my friends call themselves liberal (and are registered Democrats; I'm a registered Independent).

    Establishment liberals -- or cocktail-party liberals, as I call them -- claim that they value civil liberties, they're all for due process, the rule of law applied evenly to everybody, etc. This is what they claim. But it's often abstract. When push comes to shove, they're not willing to put their money where their mouths are. I found the same thing at the group blog where I used to write. Every person there would tell you he/she's a liberal. Every single one. But not one of them -- I take that back, only one of them -- gives a (expletive deleted) about the civil liberties violations, and worse, going on at airports. And they seem incapable of extrapolating to other, further abuses down the road, in places other than airports, and to what all this means philosophically.

    I believe this willful ignorance -- and it's definitely willful -- is for one reason and one reason only: Obama is in office. They voted for him. And rather than admit what's right in front of their faces, that these abuses are going on under Obama's watch, they pretend it isn't happening. If Bush were in office, I can guarantee you they would be screaming bloody murder. I've said exactly this, more times than I can count, to these people. But it's like they stick their fingers in their ears and go "lalalalalalalalalalala!"

    It's hypocrisy. Rank hypocrisy. That's it.

    I have 95 people on my general mailing list. Of those, only 10 are on my "TSA" list. Because only 10 of those 90 give a (expletive deleted). It's a sad, sorry commentary.
  9. DeafBlonde

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    :( Hey, Doob... I'M A REPUBLICAN, AND I HATE THE TSA!!! :(

    (Anticipating appology in 5...4...3...)
  10. Doober

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    2......1.....apology given. :)
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  11. AngryMiller

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    I am a conservative as well. Think everyone pretty much knows where I stand on TSA's over-the-top behavior.
  12. Doober

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    I have a hard time accepting that it's because they can't admit they were wrong in their 2008 vote, mainly 'cause those I know who voted for Obama then will not vote for him in 2012, not because of the TSA and it's abuses but rather because there has been no "change" at all - it's business as usual in Washington on all counts.
  13. Lisa Simeone

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    Doober, that's been my experience. I just had this conversation at lunch with two friends, my closest friends, both accomplished women, both highly experienced, educated, blah blah blah. One is a lawyer and one works for the feds in D.C. I repeated what I've already said to them so many times -- and we were talking about other stuff at this lunch, not the TSA -- "If this were happening under Bush, you'd be screaming bloody murder. But because it's happening under Obama, you aren't. How can you defend that?? How can you defend this position??"

    I got nowhere.

    As we've seen with the TSA issue, denial is a powerful thing. Millions of Americans are denying what's going on, even when presented with evidence. People are the same whether we're talking about the TSA, politics, or any sacred cow. People are capable of denial. Great denial. My friends, who are otherwise wonderful, kind, generous people, are in denial. It still sickens me. It still makes me call them (privately) hypocrites. Because their actions are hypocritical.

    And the rare times when I wander over to Cogitamus, well, it turns my stomach. All my old co-bloggers (again, all except one) are twisting themselves into pretzels to defend Obama, no matter what. It's sickening.
  14. Mike

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    Another aspect of this is the memory of bad* ideas that actually originated with the left (e.g. deficit spending) no longer predates 2000 (or 1988 or 1980, depending on which Republican president they want to pin the tail on).

    *The bad part is that it was continued after (post World War II) when we should have resumed more balance in federal spending, not in its original purpose which was to get of out of the Depression & through WWII.
  15. Mike

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    More of a stereotype, perhaps -- liberals ---> big government & therefore pro TSA.

    TSA was very much a joint effort on both sides: Bush wanted to appear to be doing "something" & Daschel & Co. saw an opportunity to expand their political base with a new population of federal employees. We got both, now we need to figure out how to get rid of "something".
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  16. Doober

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  17. RB

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    The TSA issue is neither left nor right.

    TSA is just wrong for the threat they supposedly protect against.

    TSA methods violate everything America stands for.

    TSA is just wrong for America.
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    and being that we're in one NOW, why we need to have the government spending money to employ people to do necessary work (that the free market will take a pass on), but NOT at the TSA carrying out some fascist wetdream!
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  19. KrazyKat

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    Right. Figuring out where that union and TSA's thieving personnel can do least harm.
    What's for certain is that it should NOT be near a critical safety/security juncture.

    The credentialing debacle is so serious, if I were President I would consider freezing air travel. Like checking pilot schools, such a fundamental FAIL on the most basic follow-up to 9/11 stateside.
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  20. nachtnebel

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    Maybe left/right not the most accurate way to think about this. I tilt libertarian, just as a matter of disclosure...Basically the unthinking assumption that the whole purpose of government (except for its war making) is to take care of people, and that everything that it did (that wasn't war making) was for their benefit. Inability to see what is right in front of them. Inability to understand that civil rights crumble to dust if we don't keep a firm unyielding grasp on the covenant we call the Constitution.

    The only safe, sane way to regard government is to regard it as a huge evil, a huge potential and now actual threat, as necessary as some of its activities are. In the circles I travel in, there tends to be an outlook that is far too cosy wrt the government, IMO. So it is heartening to see the rejection, especially amongst these younger folks I work with, of the TSA's behavior. I'm actually a lot prouder of working where I'm working as a result.

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