TSA confiscates shampoo, but not a gun in Bellingham [BLI]

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    More consistent inconsistency ...

    My Northwest: TSA confiscates shampoo, but not a gun in Bellingham

    The Transportation Security Administration routinely confiscates shampoo and hand sanitizer, but not guns. A TSA screener discovered a revolver in a man's carry-on bag at Bellingham International Airport this week. The .22-caliber Derringer handgun was loaded with five rounds of ammunition in the chamber. After some questioning, the man was allowed to turn the gun over to a friend, who wasn't getting on the plane. He then boarded the flight, which was delayed by the investigation.
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    If the weapon is legally owned the person should have the same options of checking it, taking it back to a car, or giving it to another person as any other non=permitted item shoul;d be treated. TSA screeners should not have any role in taking custody (confiscating) a firearm since there is no evidence that TSA employees are qualified to handle weapons, besies it is highly probable that some TSA screener would shoot themselves while playing games with the weapon.
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  3. If every gun discovered like this was treated like this, it would be a very positive development. I would like to know what was difference about this instance, though. Did the gun owner know the cops or the screeners? Was he some sort of local VIP? Why was he so special that his flight was delayed over it?
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    Once a firearm is discovered, local LEOs are notified and they take control of the disposition of the firearm. Some locales may have return to owner programs or procedures, while others have charges that are applied, it just depends on the local LEO protocols.
  5. Well, I live in a very gun-friendly locale, probably friendlier than Bellingham. And yet, I'd bet a shiny dollar coin that if I accidentally show up with a gun in my carry-on, I don't get to take it back to my car.
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    Odds are you are correct. Of course, the same applies to me, and I would venture, a majority of passengers, regardless of location.
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