TSA continues to trumpet Pre-Check boondoggle

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    Feel-good articles about the TSA’s Pre-Check program continue to proliferate. Even as passengers report experiencing what we’ve been warning about for a year.​
    To recap: Pre-Check is a program in which you are supposed to get expedited screening in exchange for paying an extra hundred bucks and giving the government more private information about yourself. “Supposed to” is the operative phrase there.​
    Because, as we’ve pointed out many times, Pre-Check doesn’t guarantee anything. You aren’t guaranteed expedited screening. You might not have to take your shoes off, you might not have to take your jacket off, you might not have to take your laptop out, you might not get scanned, you might not get groped. Might. The TSA’s own policy states that everyone, including Pre-Check members, can still get “randomly” pulled aside for whatever kind of search the TSA wants to do:​
    “No individual will be guaranteed expedited screening.”
    In addition, Pre-Check works only with certain airlines, at certain airports. So even if you manage to get expedited screening at one airport, you might not get it at another airport. The airlines, in other words, are complicit. This system rewards — or tries to reward — frequent flyers. It’s about money, not security.
    TSA has relied on airlines to nominate PreCheck candidates from among their best customers. Because not all airlines participate, and some consider frequent-flier information secret, a passenger qualifying under one airline can’t use PreCheck if flying another carrier. Agency officials said they don’t have the technical capability now to create a clearinghouse that might resolve the roadblock.​
    Nevertheless, people continue to sign on in the hopes that they’ll be spared the TSA’s abusive practices. And they continue to discover that they can’t. People like Ann Azevedo, who posted this comment at a USA Today story on Tuesday, October 16th, at 8:27 am:
    I am a member of TSA Pre, yet 40-50% of the time I am “randomly” deselected and sent through full security screening. Nice when TSA Pre is allowed, but I am really pretty upset about how seldom I’m allowed to use it!​
    There goes her hundred bucks down the drain.
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  2. Mike

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    This last item would make a great new piece or news rease by itself. It has a lot of impact yet it's almost lost at the end of the article. Something like:

    TSA Steals $45 from Ann Azevedo​

    Ann Azevedo apparently paid $100 to qualify for TSA Pre-Check, yet she reports in a comment at USA Today that "40-50% of the time I am 'randomly' deselected and sent through full security screening. Nice when TSA Pre is allowed, but I am really pretty upset about how seldom I’m allowed to use it!"​

    Would TSA please fine & return Ann's missing $40-50?​

    [then link to disscusions/honest info about Pre-Check, preferably @ TUG]​

    If anyone has the time send this out in a few hundred emails, I'll let you use TUG's list or you can Google & find large open emails lists for media people at Daily Kos, etc.
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  3. FriendlySkies

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    Numerous reasons to explain why she is not getting Pre-Check very often. If she's a GE/NEXUS member, her name has to be an exact match to her GOES profile. Without it, she'll likely get denied...
  4. Fisher1949

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    Interesting thought. I didn't consider that there were Press release email lists.

    Would also be a good thing to send out via social media. Anyone have a functional Twitter account?

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