TSA cordons 300' perimeter & closes part of DFW terminal for "ammunition"?(turned out to be grenade)

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I went back and read the news story on this. It does state is was a 40MM round. I take it from the story that it was found during screening but I could be wrong. If the bag containing this round went through xray wouldn't any wires show up if it was an IED? Honest question since I don't know the resolution of the xray machines in use by TSA.
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    The blog has not stopped posting comments, they have been going up since the thread hit, and on the new threads as they come in. There is some technical glitch with seeing the comments, but you found how to view the comments, and feedback has been sent to Blogger to try and rectify the problem. I do not know anything about emails being sent, so I can't comment on that. If you are referring to the post on Wedding dresses, we do pieces like that all the time.

    You will need to be more specific with regards to age discrimination. TSA abides by the normal age discrimination laws as far as I know (at least in my personal experience they have).
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    I do not know all the specifics on this story as to whether it was in the xray or not. Even so, with things in a bag lying in all sorts of directions, determining if it is in fact an IED when all the components are there is not a 100% guarantee. (preface these next comments to suppose it was in the xray) If it had wires and some jumble of other things in the bag with it (which is highly likely), then it could be very difficult to sort out all the items and whether they are actually connected. Remember the bag of sand here at GSO that we blogged about a few years ago? I was there for that, the item was a bag of sand, with petrified bones in it, and it had all kinds of stuff all over it (wires, rope, some other organic items), and it looked like a something right out of the manual for an IED. Some of the xrays are better than others, and I am not sure what kind this was, if indeed it was in the xray.

    If this was in fact a 40mm HE round, and it had been detonated in the xray tunnel, you are looking at some pretty heavy duty metallic shards flying, in addition to the concussive blast (mind you this is worst case scenario) so a spread perimeter is a smart decision if the item can't be cleared with any surety.
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    Ammunition is very safe. You have to go way, way out of your way to make it dangerous. I'm calling Bravo Sierra on the theatrics yet again.

    :rolleyes:Bullfeathers:rolleyes: is my last word on the matter. Really, that's all this subject warrants.
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    Look, the Jon's Video blog piece had well over 300 comments in just the first couple of days and since then last time I checked was only around 408. I don't believe for a moment that comments from the public stopped. What we don't know is how many comments have been censored illegally by TSA such as this little deal caught by the public:

    The only reason for censorship is to control the message. TSA seems afraid to let the public speak.

    I don't recall the TSA blog doing anything like the Wedding Dress article ever before. Perhaps you can correct me on this.
    I don't see how this has anything to do with TSA or aircraft security especially when so many other important issues remain unanswered, like the breast milk issue, treatment of people with special needs, abuse of travelers by TSA, theft by TSA employees, unsecure screening areas giving airport workers access to luggage where they can insert contraband, unscreened cargo, just to name a few issues that deserve discussion on the TSA blog. Also it would be nice if the blog team responded to posters like it suggest in the about the TSA blog info.
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  6. Caradoc

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    As well they should, since the lies they spout are the only thing standing between their cushy brainless "jobs" and unemployment.
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  7. Mike

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    Not the original article. If you go back to my base post, you will see the text copied from the really original article. They neglected to mention that it was a 40 mm. round. They updated the article about 4.5 hours after I made the post.

    Somebody (TSA or media) flubbed when they call this ammo. This is a grenade.

    However, these grenades and an occasional few pounds of C4 will no longer be a problem when TSA quits doing security checks on military personnel.

    Anybody got a backpack nuke? That'd be a riot at FL 300.
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  8. Mike

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    You just don't understand us, Lisa. If the gubmint can have grenades, so can we! :D

    I'm going to quit criticizing TSA on this one. Depending on the familiarity (likely nil) of the screeners with grenades, a cleared area was probably a good idea.

    Better attention to media details would be appreciated.
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  9. FaustsAccountant

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    I agree with Mike on this one too. The first time I read it, as ammo-a box of bullets. I missed anything about wires so I believed it was over-reaction.

    But yes, a 'grenade' with wires and all that changes things dramatically.
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    Yepindoodles. The TSA's theatrical nonsense is more and more revealed for what it is, an excuse to ride roughshod over the Bill of Rights.
  11. Doober

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    Let's see: military personnel, kids under 12, old folks over 75, trusted travelers all exempt from certain aspects of screening. Guess that leaves only you young whipper-snappers as terrorists. Maybe this is the TSA's way of admitting that their screening procedures are a failure - by gradually exempting different classes of people from the entire procedure.

    West, you need to tell Blogger Boob that it was really dumb of him to put a comment about it being Google's fault (it's always someone else's fault according to the TSA, isn't it?) that many people can't read the Jon Corbett thread at the end of the thread where many people can't read it.
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    Why don't they go ahead and "test" the less invasive (pre-NoS) procedures on all passengers to just see what happens? My guess would be the same thing that happened between December 2009 and October 2010: Absolutely no terwrist attacks. Nada. Zilch. Zip. None!!!!!
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    I"m not getting why folks are calling the 40mm "ammunition" equating it with a 30-06 cartridge. It's not. I'm with Rugape on this one, shivver me timbers.
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    It is pretty much the same with any article on Drudge, as soon as it falls off of his main page, the comments slow to a trickle, which is the case here.

    We do human interest articles all the time, and the Wedding dress thread is timed with the most active wedding season of the year approaching.

    If I (or any of the blog team members) were working on the blog full time, then there would be way more commentary from me there, but I only work on the blog mostly during breaks and lunch. Bob has a whole slew of other job responsibilities besides the blog, Lynn does as well. We work on the blog a bit and do the other jobs we have assigned, it has always been that way.
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    The problem is truly with Google/Blogger, we have sent the feedback to them and are waiting to see what is going on with it, this is the first time we have ever had this problem - that I remember. Hopefully it will not occur again, but I think at this point we are in a holding pattern until they can find the glitch.
  16. Rugape

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    Holy crap, Satan be jugglin snowballs....
  17. Mike

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    And good luck getting a response from Google ... they don't respond. Blogger's "help" forum is equally worthless. Blogger is a great platform, but they're not there for you.

    I've pointed out here before that these are Blogger/Blogspot/Google issues, not DHS/TSA issues.
  18. RB

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    In reference to the text highlighted above. What and when?
  19. Caradoc

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    Well, except for that little thing about the DHS/TSA always picking tools that can't do the job. Especially the ones collecting the paychecks.
  20. nachtnebel

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    Give him some blue gloves, and it won't be snow balls he'll be jigglin'
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