TSA damages top cellist's bow

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    A rare Heinrich Knopf bow belonging to Alban Gerhardt was damaged by security officers as he entered the US. In what the cellist called ‘an act of brutal and careless behaviour’, the bow stick (left) was snapped in two, over the bridge of the cello, by air security staff at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, as they examined the case’s contents.

    According to Gerhardt, ‘The bow must have somehow moved halfway out of its cover (the tip was still in the cover), and when it was halfway out, [Transportation Security Administration workers] forced the case shut and the bow broke.’ The incident occurred on 6 February, a day before Gerhardt was due to perform Prokofiev’s Symphony–Concerto with the Madison Symphony Orchestra in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Gerhardt had also brought a Baroque bow in the case, for a subsequent concert in New York, but for the Prokofiev he was obliged to borrow a bow from Uri Vardi, a cellist and teacher at the University of Wisconsin School of Music.
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    How many times have we heard, "I know what I'm doing. Don't tell me how to do my job."?

    I suspect Alban Gerhardt isn't an American. He'll learn soon enough to put valuable things away himself rather than allow TSA to do it for him.
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    But TSA says "Security officers will handle musical instruments very carefully and will allow you to be as involved as possible in any physical screening."

    I wonder what they payout on that claim. Morons.
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    Probably "Denied!".
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    Hopefully, but I'd rather see him just avoid the US in the future. If his refusal to enter the US in the future messes with the ability of arts societies to put on orchestral performances and get as good a turnout as they enjoyed when featuring him, the financial damage is more fuel for the anti-TSA fire.

    Mr. Gerhardt, please do not return once you have left. I will miss what you do for the arts, but the USA does not deserve your talents or the tourism dollars they attract. I say this without irony or sarcasm: Please hurt my country.
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    Thanks to CBP's almost unmatched reputation for hostility and abuse, many won't need the added exhortation. TSA is just nails in the coffin when it comes to the tourism industry.
  7. Sometimes this sort of thing bothers me more than the routine abuse and neglect.
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    This sounds like CBP.
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  12. For anybody working a real job, this sort of thing would be a fireable offense.
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    And we pay for the salaries, we'll pay for the bow...
    Not according to spokesholebot Lisa Farbstein, (who should also be fired), and whose scripted advice to the victim, (instead of an apology, of course), includes the recommendation to "retrieve any potential videotape of his case being opened."

    This is not a theft story, you sorry, overpaid, lazy, lying sack of excrement.
    TSA struck when the case was closed, not opened!
  15. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    German cellist Alban Gerhardt says the TSA damaged his $20,000 bow (at Dulles International Airport or O’Hare International, depending on which press account you read).​
    As they do with so many passengers, they rummaged through his luggage. But hey, they left a note! What nice guys and gals.​
    “My bow must have moved out of its cover, and instead of putting it back in, they just slammed the case shut and broke the bow that way over the bridge,” Gerhardt told Strad Magazine.​
    And the TSA feels so bad about it, don’tchya know? Why, one of their trusty propagandists said so:​
    “It truly is a shame about Mr. Gerhardt’s bow. I recommend that he file a claim to our Claims Management Branch for their review and adjudication,” said TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein. “I would encourage him to file the claim as soon as possible with his flight information so that the airport might be able to retrieve any potential videotape of his case being opened.”​

    Oh, yeah, file a claim. We know how well that works. And ask for release of the video. We know how well that works, too. Just ask Stacey Armato, Jon Corbett, Sommer Gentry, Amy Alkon, on and on and on.
    Tough luck, Mr. Gerhardt. If you complain, clearly you Hate America and want to Help The Terrorists. After all, the TSA is Keeping You Safe!
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    Probably nothing because he likely doesn't have the "original receipt".
    No doubt his experience will be the same as most travelers, a summary denial.
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    I like the guy over on reason.com that said a broken bow rates a compound fracture.
  18. We should start a White House petition for the president to formally apologize to this cellist for the carelessness of his "civilian national security force" and personally present him with a replacement.
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    How do you replace something irreplaceable?
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    I wish I had this guy's email address so I could encourage him to find concerts outside the USA, since we really don't deserve to be cultured.
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