?TSA Deliberately Hiring Psychopaths?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Elizabeth Conley, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Elizabeth Conley

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    Sorry. These are from various comment sections over the past 5 + years. I didn't take it seriously the first two times I read it. These remarks were spaced out by considerable periods of time, and it took the third remark some time yesterday afternoon to make me wonder. There have been many more remarks over the years about odd questions, but they didn't describe the nature of the odd questions. Only three remarks in all those years specifically described questions that would make me wonder if they were probing for anti-social tendencies. It's a very thin thread. I know the human mind naturally looks for patterns, often where none exist.

    We might be able to find more posts about these odd questions if we trolled boards where TSA employees and sycophants lurk. (I've never spent more than 20 seconds at such sites.) They'd probably discuss the application process and what kind of applicants are most likely to be selected.
  2. Frank

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    Yup. They'll be looking over their shoulders until they are dosed with 230 grains of Trepanizine.
  3. Elizabeth Conley

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    Yep. I wonder what it's like to realize that another citizen is staring at you in open revulsion and horror, remembering you as the pervert who pawed their genitals at the local airport. Can you imagine being the person behind a face hundreds or even thousands of people, many of them young children, try desperately to forget? A psychopath might get a thrill out of this, but even a sociopath would find this inconvenient occasionally. Psychopaths are pretty thin on the ground. It would be hard for the TSA to find enough of these kooks to work their checkpoints. Most screeners must find genital pawing to be an abomination.
  4. Caradoc

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    I know that, and you know that, but the average person applying for a TSA job isn't going to know that. Or even understand it if it's explained to them.
  5. Doober

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    I have been saying for a long time that TSA is looking for a particular type of personality in its hiring process. Perhaps not psycopathic, but definitely a certain set of personality traits.
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