TSA Detains German Government Ministers at Dulles Airport

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    This is from another forum but includes a link to a German news outlet. Anyone here speak German well enough to translate this?

    DIE WELT: Einreiseprobleme - USA setzen deutsche Minister im Flieger fest‏
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    Use google chrome and its translate feature.

    makes perfect sense to me.

    And to think that I used to like the three stooges.
  3. Fisher1949

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    Thanks. I used a translate with a client in S Korea a few years and it didn't work out too well so I've avoided it.

    WRT to detaining the journalists, I wonder if TSA will detain all of the US correspondents who visit these countries.
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    is possible to give one self so many blackeyes to the point "normal color" returns????

    thats a rhetorical question
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    I read German but don't have time to do a polished translation at the moment. The wrapup you quoted from militaryphotos.net is on the mark -- ministers (equivalent to our cabinet secretaries) were delayed on their plane for > an hour while the journalists were harassed.

    Google translate is really pretty good for a first pass these days ...

    I've patched up the first couple paragraphs a bit:

    In Washington, Defense and Interior Minister Friedrich de Maizière could not leave their plane only once - the U.S. authorities were apparently suspicious of some accompanying journalists. By Ansgar Graw, Anette von Nayhauß and John Wiedemann
    Thus, Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) and Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) probably had not imagined the entry into the U.S.: After their plant had landed on the Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, the U.S. authorities suddenly & thoroughly examined some of the journalists. Consequence: The German government delegation had more than one hour wait on the plane - while the German Ambassador Peter Ammon, including his reception chief, waited on the tarmac and was not permitted to enter the gangway. "Die Welt" learned of this from participating groups.

    Rest is "as is" from Google Translate:

    Thus it was with the affected journalists to reporters from the "mirror" of "Spiegel Online" from the "General-Anzeiger", from the "time" and the news agency dpa. On the plane, the politicians and their delegation were informed that they should not leave the machine first. The affected colleagues from the press corps had also during and give fingerprints at entry control and can take pictures of yourself.
    While their papers were apparently perfectly fine. But because the reporter had visas in their passports or entry stamp also from troubled regions of the world, such as Afghanistan or Pakistan, they were checked again. However, it is the rule rather than journalists at the exception that they also travel to such countries.
    Reportedly responded to two federal ministers left to the unexpected delay in the onward journey: Frederick took advantage of the enforced delay to sleep again. De Maizière held talks. But in the delegation was "world" according to the information repeats the term "unusual step". Frederick spokesman said a little later on "world" request but diplomatically: "We're all in the hotel now and looking forward to the talks in Washington, the hour we have used to adapt to the time difference.."
    Meeting with their counterparts
    Was speculated that the increased security measures had to do with the Boston bombing. As a result of the attack Homeland Security, FBI and CIA had been criticized because evidence from Russia had not led to the radicalization of the assassin Tamerlane Tsarnaev to consequences.
    Frederick also visit two weeks after the attack, with three deaths is marked by discussions on counterterrorism. The CSU politician wants to meet on Monday Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder and Deputy National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, Lisa Monaco.
    De Maizière on Monday, first at a ceremony for the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Holocaust Museum in Washington to participate. In the afternoon, the CDU politician sets his program continued in the West Point Military Academy north of New York. He will give a speech on "order and leadership in democratic forces" and discuss with cadets. The new defense minister meets Chuck Hagel de Maizière on Tuesday.
    Frederick had already planned his visit in Boston before the bombing, which killed three people and more than 200 were injured. The two brothers of Chechen origin carried out terrorist attack will now shape the agenda of his two-day stay. But it will also include data protection and the fight against cybercrime.
    Drones could also be subject
    De Maizière will speak with hail including through the involvement of NATO in Afghanistan after the end of combat operations in 2014. Germany has already pledged up to 800 troops for the planned training and advisory mission as currently the third largest troop. The U.S., which has by far the most soldiers stationed in the Hindu Kush, on the other hand hold with firm commitments back yet.
    Another important issue is likely to be the load distribution within NATO. The U.S. wants to make a greater obligation, the European Allies, given its own budget constraints.
    Also a controversial German armament projects might be subject. De Maizière has shown interest in armed drones that are currently only in Israel and the United States. For the American model "Predator B", his ministry has already made a preliminary inquiry for export to Germany early last year, which is however not yet answered
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    I doubt it was TSA, more likely customs and immigration.
  7. Mike

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    It's more like a black hole.
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    I too believe this one was CBP again. TSA is responsible for screening when they are departing the country, CBP is responsible for when they are entering the country - at least traditionally. The only time TSA is involved (that I am aware of) is when there is a situation requiring reverse screening, like in the event of a known "item or person" of interest or possible threat - before you say anything, I know the flight is already here, and it is redundant. It is also the only time I know of that TSA is involved with incoming passengers.
  9. RB

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    No, CBP is responsible for folks entering and exiting the country. TSA's role is to screen them for WEI, nothing more.
  10. Rugape

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    Agreed, the phrase was missing the word "screening" and has since been rectified.
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    Officially, anyway. Evidence suggests they're also looking for cash, drugs, sequentially-ordered checks, and easily-stolen electronics. It's too bad that it's impossible to train ethics or honor into any of the blue-shirted thugs, thieves, and drooling morons.
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    ...and cupcakes!! :cupcake: ...in jars!! :eek:
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    And don't forget Arabic to English flash cards.
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    Lots (approx 70) articles about this today, alles auf Deutsch.

    Der Spiegel, which has an English edition available on its web page, didn't bother to translate it.

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