TSA Detains Rand Paul

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jan 23, 2012.

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    And new at TSA News, where I link to TUG:

    Update: TSA’s screening and detention of Rand Paul
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    Ron Paul is using this incident to solicit campaign funds saying he would eliminate the TSA and put in place more reasonable security. I'm with him on that. However, his son Rand was on his way to the March for Life rally in DC which protests our current abortion laws when he was "detained". I am well past my child bearing years believe me but I'm having trouble with both Ron and Rand complaining about the invasion of privacy and violation of my constitutional rights by the TSA but invading the privacy of my pregnancy is perfectly fine.
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    Totally agree. It's beyond hypocritical. But politics, as the saying goes, makes strange bedfellows. I am against 90% if not 99% of what Rand Paul stands for. But on this issue, on civil liberties, I have to give credit where credit is due. If -- and god knows it's a big "if" -- we can get some traction out of this, it's good.

    P.S. Monica, feel free to go over to TSA News, link posted above, to comment.
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    I'm with you on this.

    I've been experiencing major cognitive dissonance ever since Paul Sr. announced that he'd kick TSA to the curb where no other candidate was willing to explicitly say "Yes, I too will end TSA." I detest TSA with every fiber of my being and I love that Ron Paul seems truly sincere about his intent to destroy them. However, he's a progressive secularist's worst nightmare. I've been rationalizing it, mostly, by saying that the encroaching police state has what I call "emergency priority" - that it must be dealt with before any other civil-liberties concerns can be addressed because the other concerns don't matter much if we're only "enjoying" them in a papers-please authoritarian society.

    That said, my plan (unless Jill Stein comes out and says "A vote for me is a vote against TSA") is to vote for Ron Paul if he gets the GOP nom and then donate heavily to HRC, Planned Parenthood, FFRF, ACLU, and other orgs that can mitigate the damage he can do to reproductive freedom, marriage equality, and the like. I just hope it'll be enough.
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    Vote for the guy who can get this one hard thing done and hope there are enough opposition in the rest of congress against the other issues we disagree with him on?
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    Listen, imagine a hypothetical world -- imagine Ron Paul gets elected President. It won't happen, but let's pretend it will. He still won't dismantle the TSA just like that. I don't care what he says -- and I believe him when he says he opposes the TSA -- but there are too many other parties involved. Yes, he could, thanks to the power grab of the Executive branch, use one of those ubiquitous "signing statements" to get rid of it with the stroke of a pen, but he wouldn't. You all know this. There's an entire Congress, there's an entire frigging "terror" bureaucracy, there's a huge impetus in this country to go forward with more and more and more and more authoritarian procedures, and Ron Paul would not be able to stop that train by himself.

    It takes political will, and that only comes from masses of people. And right now we don't have that. We have masses of sheeple. We have masses of cowards. We have masses of the "I don't give a (expletive deleted)" crowd. Nothing will change unless and until those people wake up.
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    I'm stealing a great metaphor from a close friend, whom I keep urging to write up a blog post or public comment on that great metaphor, but since she hasn't, I will. She is Deborah Newell Tornello, she blogs at litbrit, and she wrote this to me on January 5, 2012:
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    Well this is a sickening article.

    Ron Paul Owes TSA an Apology

    Posted this comment, which is awaiting cens-- erm, "moderation."

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    You've using "spitting" where I would have swapped the "p" for an "h." Other than that, I'm with you.
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    The TSA was created by Congress and they have to be dismantled by Congress.

    I believe Ron Paul when he says he opposes the TSA too. But he just won't have enough power to do so. He's going to have to change a lot of minds in Congress. Who knows? Maybe Congress is just waiting for someone with a spine to tell them to write up the legislation already and repeal the statute that created TSA.
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    Yep. Of course, all of the Republican men are nightmares, each in their own way.

    They won't be able to mitigate the damage. He would have the power to nominate Supreme Court justices. First Roe, then Griswold. Simple as that.
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    However, how TSA/DHS conducts its business could change tomorrow if there were some intelligence in the White House and at the tops of the agencies, at least in theory. I say "in theory" because there is so much ineptitude and knuckledragging at the lower echelons that all the executive willpower in the world might do little good.
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    Most of the Democrats are worse, and judging by the current example in the White House, impotent, incapable of accomplishing much of anything.
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    Not to engage this debate too much and drag us off-topic, but the reason that being a privacy advocate and libertarian while still being pro-life is not hypocritical is that pro-lifers believe that the unborn baby is a person. The right of this person to live is naturally weighed more heavily than your right to have an empty uterus. Obviously, one can argue that an unborn baby is not a person and has no rights, but the above explains how one can work pro-life and freedom fighter together.

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    I trust Ron Paul where reproductive rights are concerned because both the Pro-life and the Pro-choice camps are convinced that Ron Paul is their mortal enemy. If both extremes loathe and fear Ron Paul, he's on the right track.
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    Hot off the press ...

    The Daily Caller (24 Jan 2012): Ron Paul Wants to Destroy the TSA

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    Will this "money bomb" actually be spent fighting the TSA? In court?
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    Will this "money bomb" actually be spent fighting the TSA? In court?

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