TSA Detains Rand Paul

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Here's the comment I left (also awaiting moderation, though I've commented at that site in the past and my comments have been allowed to post):

    We haven't had "another 9/11" for two reasons and two reasons only:​

    1. The cockpit doors have been secured.​

    2. Passengers will not longer silently submit. Which is more than I can say for TSA apologists like you.​

    The TSA hasn't thwarted a single potential attack in its multi-billion-dollar history. It is a nightmare. It out-Orwells Orwell.​

    The scanners are a boondoggle for the "security" industry, the punitive gropes nothing more than slave training. Read up on Philip Zimbardo and Stanley Milgram and get a clue.​

    How come planes weren’t being blown out of the sky left and right before the Reign of Molestation was instituted?? After all, The Terrorists Are Everywhere!​

    If you think, as John Pistole clearly does, that it's perfectly okay that the TSA bullies, harasses, and abuses people -- even to the point of sexual assault -- there is something seriously wrong with you. I feel sorry for your wife and children.​

    If you're so afraid of the risks of everyday life -- including the infinitesimally small risk of a terrorist attack in this country -- then do us all a favor and stay home cowering under the bed, and let the rest of us live our lives in freedom and dignity.​

    Oh, and that cowering will have a side benefit -- you won't be driving anymore, an activity that will get you killed a lot faster than some bogeyman terrorist will. 35,000 traffic fatalities in this country EVERY YEAR. Put that in your paranoia pipe and smoke it.​
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    I hope so. I'm skeptical, as it's an election year and "remember November" seems to be the MO of all the presidential candidates in everything they do, but the Pauls seem to have enough of a bee in their collective bonnet about TSA to be willing to keep some money in a separate anti-TSA fund. We'll see how it shakes out, I guess.
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    The Hill (24 Jan 2012): Sen. Paul claims airport X-ray machines are programmed to go off at random

    This is entirely plausible. It's well established that the WTMD are set to trigger random searches.

    It's also possible that Rand Paul's sources were talking about the WTMD, not the MMW.
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    Opposed to random searches triggered by a clerk with a hankering.
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    Ditto for marriage.
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    Increasingly America hates the TSA. Online, 84% think TSA was the in the wrong, not Sen. Paul.
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    So did I and I'll bet neither gets past their mod.

    The site name tells you where these dirt bags are coming from. They're part of the security megaplex bilking billions out of taxpayers in a government sponsored protection racket.

    It'll be a cold day in (expletive deleted) when Rand Paul apologizes to TSA.
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    Both Pissy and Nappy have said publicly that 3% of passengers are patted down and that about 1% selected are at random. It seems likely that they are using the scanners to do the "selection". As I recall, the UK was using a mat that lit up to select someone for a random pat down. Either way, the result is the same, a groping with no rational basis.

    I always thought the SSSS designation worked the same way except done by computer.
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    And a certain percentage of the population will be groped 100% of the time - those with a torn rotator cuff, for example, or are otherwise unable to hold the "I SURRENDER!" position required by the Nude-O-Scopes.
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    I heard that assertion in one of the interviews I saw on the subject last night.

    However, the local ABC affiliate ran the national report about the incident. I noticed something very, very interesting.

    During the report, they showed a clip of Sen. Paul in the lobby of BNA pulling up his pant leg to demonstrate what he had done at the checkpoint to resolve the alarm. What I noticed was something that appeared to be a scar approximately 4 inches long on the inside of his right calf. It's conceivable it could have also been a varicose vein or some other anatomical anomaly.

    It's reasonable to assume that MMW w/ ATR would alarm on such a thing, a raised bump that is "abnormal" to a machine assuming standard human shapes. However, what should have people concerned, and what gets lost in this garbage "random selection" argument, is that he went through the whole body scanner a second time and it didn't alarm. This isn't a pant pleat, a sweat stain, or a bulged sock, nor a non-metallic explosive. It's a permanent part of his body that alarmed once, and didn't a second time.

    Again proving that these stupid machines are ineffective junkatrons, and nothing more.
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    We desperately need the three fingered emoticon...
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    Yep, 12 hours later and they haven't printed Celtic Whisper's nor my comment. Cowards.

    I think this calls for some public shaming (I know, I know, you can't shame the shameless, but at least I'll do some public naming).
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    Meanwhile, from the same rag, and maybe this should have its own thread, we have this:

    2012 Procurement Priorities: Mixing And Matching
    The Department of Homeland Security looks like it will be spared the worst of the government’s budget cuts—but it still has to balance on the knife’s edge.
    By: Mickey McCarter
    "Energizing the homeland security enterprise"??? They tell you right there that it's a money-making scheme. It's in black and white. And what -- the gravy train isn't quite as thick as in the past?? Only a few billion here and there instead of many billions here and there? Cry me a river.

    Some new initiatives?! Oh, goody! You mean like how to more "efficiently" abuse people? After all, "efficiency" is one of this country's highest values!

    And here we have more in store -- drones, of course, the security toy du jour -- follow the money trail:

  17. Mike

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    Just wait until one of these drones flown by a local LEO cowboy collide with an occupied aircraft.

    Loved this line:

    That's an open admission that they're throwing money at whimsical ideas without first evaluating their effectiveness.
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    The note I just sent, via on-line form, to Patrick Schambach, "vice president and general manager of CSC's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) division," at that publication, Homeland Security Today:

    Mr. Schambach:

    I don't know if you can answer this question, though perhaps you can direct it to someone who can. Why does Homeland Security Today censor reader comments?

    A colleague and I tried posting comments yesterday that never appeared. Of course, we said nothing profane, obscene, etc.

    Thank you for whatever light you can shed.

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    This might be a story in itself since it exposes the arrogance of these degenerates so clearly.

    Maybe posting the heading and link along with a contact link at the various Ron Paul sites covering the story might spur additional criticism.
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