TSA Detains Rand Paul

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Good point. That was the biggest issue really, But as I recall the 9/11 commission concluded that the communications failures (aka withholding info) between FBI and NSA and FAA allowed the terrorist to board. This ultimately resulted in the creation of DHS and TSA to ensure a cohesive intelligence structure.

    Predictably, it has resulted in even more inter-agency competition and information hoarding.

    BTW, Lisa deserves the credit for making that piece readable. She did 90% of the work.^
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    Funny how we seem to cause technical problems at sites so often. Haven't we heard this story a couple of times now?

    I went to the article and while mine didn't get through (maybe the TUG link) all but one were anti-TSA.

    One lone DHS troll whined that all of the anti-TSA comments (3 pages worth) were from Paul spammers in some grand conspiracy.

    I saw a few familiar names but doubt it was just us in on this.
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    My comments won't get printed, but no matter.

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.
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    Well, my comment never posted. I left it shortly after Celtic Whisper left his and his posted. I think two days is enough time to wade through comments. I guess they thought it was too hot to handle. Anyway. I left another one last night; let's see if that ever appears.
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    I find it interesting that Paul has successfully used this issue to collect in excess of $250K in 2 days.

    What is it that we're told about how much people love the TSA?
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    Well, neither of my comments was allowed to post at that Homeland Security Today column. Yet they claim they don't censor comments. (expletive deleted).
  9. CelticWhisper

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    I'm surprised Senator Frothy has held on this long in the running. I had him pegged (sorry) for an early dropout.
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    Bad. Baaaad!

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    Over 300k now! I donated what little I could. Its even more impressive since this money bomb is spontaneous, and isn't getting the same amount of promotion so far. The media still wants us to think that America doesn't mind the TSA. But they also want us to think the Ron Paul is a marginal, unelectable candidate. Its the same machinery working against us all.

    Don't lie. You're not sorry. But I don't mind!
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    I wrote again to Anthony Kimery, editor of Homeland Security Today, where that "Rand Paul owes the TSA an apology" column appeared (see further up-thread):

    Mr. Kimery, interesting that neither of my two comments was allowed to post.

    I find this puzzling, especially since I'm not afraid to use my real name, unlike most people, who hide behind an internet moniker. I would think that people who use their real names might be looked upon as a bit more credible.

    In any case, that column certainly elicited a lot of feedback, 90% of it, not surprisingly, anti-TSA.
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    Sorry, I don't see his wife as the strap-on type... :D
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    Online poll, but the political difference in support for TSA vs Paul is truly startling.
    Question on Rand Paul's pat-down refusal:
    The entire poll demographics are worth taking a look at. Pretty interesting, if non-scientific.
  15. Lisa Simeone

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    It is interesting, even if non-scientific. It meshes with my experience after two years of activism on this issue. Self-described liberals, in general, don't give a (expletive deleted). They've told me this in person and in writing. Unfortunately, the self-described conservatives in my family have said the same thing. I'm glad to see a different attitude prevails here at TUG and in this poll. And on-line, at blogs and newspapers, I have seen far more conservatives speaking out against the TSA than liberals. Again, these are the descriptions people give themselves. Retired people? Hmmm. I'm thinking a generation that, in general, doesn't question authority. Parents? You'd think they'd care, but all the parents in my circle are clueless about this; they let their kids go through the scanners and are oblivious to the fact that they could still get groped. Oh, well.
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    Do you suppose, Lisa, that your liberal friends are perhaps in a state of denial about how Obama has so horribly failed to be the president they believed he would be?
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  17. Lisa Simeone

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    Oh, definitely. "Denial" for some. Flat-out hypocrisy for others.
  18. Caradoc

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    I know beyond any reasonable doubt that there are a lot of former Democrats who're incredibly bitter about Obama right now... It wouldn't surprise me to find that there were some in a state of denial.

    After all, just look at how many supposed "Americans" bleat "ANYTHING FOR SAFETY!" at the airport as long as they're not the ones being manhandled by the blue-shirted cockroaches.
  19. RB

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    I wonder if a third party candidate might have a real chance of taking the Presidency this time around? Dems aren't to happy with Obama and the Republican candidates aren't really exciting the ranks of their potential voters.
  20. KrazyKat

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    Parents found Paul praiseworthy. I think concerns over radiation will only add to this.

    One of the huge hard breaks in support was people earning over $100K. 88% found Paul petty. Maybe these are well-off liberal/progressives?

    I think the poll results would have been very different if it were Nancy Pelosi refusing to have her breasts groped because of an alarm at her knee. But of course it wasn't Nancy Pelosi, it was a Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party pol. The liberal/progressives are very knee-jerk in their reaction against a Tea Party Republican for all the "other" reasons, and it is very hard to break through that denial.

    The willingness of 2008 Obama voters to sell-out our Constitutional liberties because of the spectre of a Republican seems reflected in the poll. Instead of "anything for safety" it's "anything for Roe." There were military helicopter war-games in downtown LA the other night. It's the Pauls and the Libertarians, not the GOP, that are an alternative to that.

    The good news is that some 40% of Americans self-identify as Independent. If the GOP was smart, which it obviously is not, it would embrace the Pauls and the TSA issue. Which party is willing to graft on opposition to the TSA? Obama's spokeshole Carney was supporting the TSA before Paul had even left the airport.

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