TSA Detains Rand Paul

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jan 23, 2012.

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    That pretty much sums it up for me. I may have to write myself in instead of voting for either of the dolts that are going to be available from the Dems or Pubs.

    The only worthwhile candidate out there that is any different from the status quo is Paul, and he's not going to get the nomination. Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, all the same, just different names. They all, and this includes Obama, come across like used car salesmen to me. They'll say whatever they can to get you to buy in to them or their philosophy/ideas. In your personal life you wouldn't trust somebody like that, why would you trust them to be president. Now Paul, you can tell that he believes what he says, even if you may not agree with much or even any of it, and I definitely don't agree with him on everything.
  2. RB

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    Leadership is absent in the House, Senate and White House. We saw just a spark of intelligence from the USSC on the GPS tracking device ruling recently but they too have been a disappointment for some time.

    We would have to work awfully hard to do worse than what we have right now!
  3. CelticWhisper

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    I've been saying it for a while, but I'll say it again and encourage everyone here to spread the word:

    Vote incumbents out.

    Even those who have been more-or-less sympathetic to our cause (unless they're having to be restrained with lead weights, chains, whips, tasers, and razor wire from personally strangling the life out of Pissy and Nappy with their own two hands...which basically amounts to "unless their last name is Paul") are generally unsympathetic to other libertarian (lowercase "L") causes or have, at some point in their political careers, made jackasses of themselves.

    At this point we need a clean slate and a fresh start. Vote against anyone who currently holds office and send a message that WTP no longer have confidence in those who claim to govern in our interests.
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    I don't believe that most Americans hate freedom.

    I do believe that the vast majority of them appear to be eager to trade their freedom for the illusion of safety.
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    I wouldn't quite put it as "most Americans hate freedom." I do think there's a substantial subset, however, of people who like authoritarianism, who feel more comfortable with it, who feel "safer" -- from all sorts of things in life, philosophical as well as physical -- who, in fact, like to lick the authoritarian boot. I don't mean that just as a linguistically hyperbolic metaphor. I mean that there are people who like to be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc.

    Such people exist. And they aren't few in number. We have to acknowledge that.
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  6. barbell

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    And it baffles me. Absolutely.

    In my practice I used to make recommendations and counsel patients on how to follow them.

    I now make absolute pronouncements and demand they be followed.

    It is shocking to me how much a better response I get by being absolute.
  7. Caradoc

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    I dunno about the rest of you, but I've been acknowledging them for a very long time by their appropriate title:

  8. Lisa Simeone

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    Well, I will say that a physician is different from any ol' authority figure. I mean, when we go to a doctor, we figure he/she knows what he's doing. Or at least knows a bit more about the subject at hand than we do. That's logical. And sometimes the only way to get through to people is to be forceful, to be absolute. "I'm telling you if you don't stop smoking, you'll be in a wheelchair in five years." (Something a doc said to my mother 40 years ago.) That tends to concentrate the attention.

    But taking orders from a clerk? Just because he's wearing a blue shirt and a fake badge?? That's another kettle of fish.
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    Well I hope you optimists are right. Believe me, we pessimists love to be proven wrong, but we rarely are. I would be very happy to see Paul or a Libertarian candidate or any candidate who supports abolishing the DHS, get elected, but it would surprise me greatly. Reagan was a bit of a Libertarian in his speeches. What he did afterward doesn't really matter. The fact is he talked a lot like a Libertarian and still got elected. An ex-governor of my state, Bill Weld, also talked an awful lot like a Libertarian in his speeches to the point that it could have been written by Thomas Jefferson or something. He won too. Although that was just a state election. Reagan does prove that it's not impossible for a strongly pro-freedom candidate to win, but Reagan had something else going for him. He was an actor and he had some charisma. Way more than Carter did. We are talking about the leader of a country here. He should have more than just good ideas. He should have a charismatic and powerful and persuasive personality. Obama has some charisma and that's probably why he won against his utterly charmless opponent. I've never heard Paul speak, but I'm guessing that Obama would come across much better in front of a microphone. One thing that I think helped Reagan win is that he seemed genuinely passionate about his ideas. He really seemed to believe in what he was saying. Obama definitely doesn't come across that way. At least not anymore. How can he when he broke every campaign promise and doesn't seem to care in the slightest about it. I think it was because Reagan wasn't a lawyer, wasn't really even a politician. He was just some actor with strong political ideas who worked on the Goldwater campaign. What we really need is another pro-freedom actor. Or maybe an eloquent dishwasher or something. I do think the country is pretty sick of lawyer candidates.
  10. Lisa Simeone

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    Very dangerous. This is exactly how demagogues come to power. Huey Long was "charismatic and powerful and persuasive." Joseph McCarthy was "charismatic and powerful and persuasive." Mussolini was "charismatic and powerful and persuasive." Etc.

    When economies are in the shitter, as ours is, and people are simultaneously demoralized and pissed off, it's very easy to move them, in one direction or another. And it's usually a bad direction.

    We could use a lot less charisma and a lot more rational thought. But I don't think we're gonna get it.
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  11. Mike

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    Adolf Hitler had a charismatic and powerful and pursuasive personality.
  12. Caradoc

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  13. Lisa Simeone

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    Caradoc, exactly. That's a quote I use all the time.

    And Mike, yes. I thought the "Etc." in my post would get that across to people without my having to invoke his name. You know how touchy people can be about that.
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    I would agree to the point that the doctor's interest (beyond getting paid) is your health. But to remain ignorant and unengaged in matters of your own personal health and to depend completely on an "expert" is a really bad idea. Take just one example: the willy-nilly prescribing of statins for cholesterol, which are not good for you, for long term use when (a) there are any number of non-drug alternatives that work, and (b) there is no linkage between cholesterol and heart disease, as shown by the eskimos, who have very high cholesterol and relatively low incidence of heart issues... Doctors are great for things requiring immediate intervention--broken limbs, burst appendix. But for chronic issues, less so. Research into non drug therapies ("nutriceuticals", etc) is leaving these folks in the dust in some key areas. Doctors are critically important advisors, but you're crazy to write them a blank check when it's YOUR life at stake.

    You can't know everything. But in critical matters, like finance (economics) and health, you are insane not to get as much clarity on the fundamental issues as early in life as you can.
    end of rant.
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  15. Lisa Simeone

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    Of course.
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    I do agree with you but I'd like to further add as well as beat to death, that physician not only have extensive training (far more than a TSA Screener, no matter that the self-proclaimed TSA posters claim) they are license by a board who are not inbreed in the way TSA Agency is, AND
    physicians have to be accountable. They have to answer to an ethic's board if we, the patients, are unhappy.
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    Only the people with manginas over at the Other Place.

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