TSA/DHS granted court permission to lie in FOIA

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Sep 5, 2013.

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    "the Corbett case" = just one of his several cases, I believe

    I waded through all this stuff yesterday. My first thought was that this would be good fodder for TSA Today. Second thought is that Jon's just burning out. He's not a lawyer, has no legal training, and seems to sue every government agency that crosses his path. You need to pick your battles, especially when you're a one-man operation with no law firm to back you up and no paralegals to do all the leg work. He's given them (esp. TSA) a really good run for the money, but the other side of yin & yang is becoming manifest as well.

    Have to read through it all again later today ...
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    I just reread it.

    Having a "dozen visible camera domes ..." at the time of the incident is not proof that they exist now. I'd bet that they do, but Jon does NOT have proof.

    "Can’t confirm or deny the existence" (Jon's quotation) is not lying. It's obfuscating in a manner acceptable to court. TSA refused to answer, and the judge sucked it up. The behavior is quintessential TSA (cf. the stonewalling in Latif).

    Attacking the judge in a public posting is very bad form. Anyone contemplating a contribution for Jon's appeal should think twice. Contributions to CATO, EPIC and ACLU will produce much better results. Larger organizations can pick their cases more carefully, and even consolidate them as a class action.
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    I'll have to dig up the references, but early on during his FOIA the agencies involved simply said "No such video exists." Which, given the evidence of such cameras would either seem to indicate that they deliberately lied about it or that they're simply so incompetent that they have cameras and hardware and no video as a result.

    Neither would surprise me.
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    Undoubtedly Jon has more to expose the farce that is TSA than any other individual in the past three years and deserves our gratitude for his efforts. In addition to his lawsuits, he exposed the scanner flaws and has created a lot of headaches for the pervs in blue.

    He is up against a corrupt federal agency and a corrupt judicial system that has thwarted teams of lawyers at EPIC, The Rutherford Institute, ProPublica and ACLU. Not bad for a amateur, part-time effort.

    While this may have reached its conclusion and have been a bit quixotic to begin with, I appreciate his effort and wish him well no matter what he ultimately decides to do.
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    The corruption is more in Congress, which made the U.S. Court of Appeals the court of original jurisdiction for almost everything (but not quite -- cf. Latif) concerning TSA. An appellate court is geared more towards reviewing points of law rather than handing the findings of fact that are customarily dealt with at the district court level. Eventually I expect the lid will come off all this, not sure how soon "eventually" will be.
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