TSA employees get whistleblower protections

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  1. Mike

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    This should be a very positive development. Expect Pissy & Co. to do everything in their power to thwart/ignore it.

    Government Executive: TSA employees get whistleblower protections

    President Obama on Tuesday signed into law a bill that expands safeguards for federal employees who report waste, fraud or abuse. The bill (S. 743), which cleared its last congressional hurdle earlier this month, grants whistleblower protections for employees who lacked them before, including Transportation Security Administration officers. It also establishes ombudsmen to educate employees about their rights to expose mismanagement and strengthens the Office of Special Counsel’s authority to pursue punishment for supervisors who retaliate against whistleblowers, among other provisions. The language granting coverage to TSA employees takes effect immediately, OSC said, and the other pieces of the law will take effect Dec. 27.

  2. Rugape

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    Just to let you know, from what I understand based on training (and some research) and some of the public comments about this, TSA already has 99% of this in place - now as for how effective it is, I am uncertain having never used it or been placed in a position to have to use it.
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    Yes, it seems quite odd that 99% has already been put in place, yet 1 TSA employee has come forward with information, and he is being harassed and threatened with prosecution. That 1% must the part stipulating that no harassment, coercion or retaliation of any kind is authorized against whistle blowers.
  5. Caradoc

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    Must be the same TSA-provided so-called "training" that explains how the TSA doesn't prohibit photography, given how well it's being absorbed by the untrainable hydrocephalic chimpanzees in blue shirts that infest our airports.

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