TSA Employees Love To Steal iPads (arrest of Clayton Keith Dovel @ DFW)

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I agree that we'll never know just how many thieves have "worked," are "working," or will "work" for the TSA, but it should be relatively simple to track the ones prosecuted for this kind of thing.
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    Bill Fisher has all the stats.
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    "In a statement, the TSA said Dovel is on administrative leave until the agency can sort out what happened."

    So that means he's still on the payroll, collecting sponging up his wages our taxes because they can't figure out what to do?
    I know what most other normal employer would do.

    ""The action of one individual in no way reflects on the outstanding job our more than 50,000 security officers do every day," the TSA added."

    How many "one individual(s)" is it going to take? All of them?!

    "It's uncertain how many cases Dovel's arrest might solve, or whether the TSA will let him return to a trusted position."

    .............what can I politely say here?
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  6. Caradoc

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    I didn't know that anyone still considers "TSA employee" a "trusted position" any more anyway - outside the TSA, that is.
  7. RB

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    Radio station WBAP had a blurb on this story including TSA's stock response that the actions of one TSA employee in no way reflects on other TSA workers.

    I am tired of hearing this and someone at TSA needs to wake up and realize that each and every action, good or bad, reflects directly on all TSA employees.

    Lets see, police found one of the iPads on Dovels person at the airport and the others at his home, yet TSA being the brain trust it is needs to sort out what happened. I can tell TSA what happened, TSA has thives running rampant.

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    Already sent this to my elected chair warmers. On top of my emails voicing my ire about what is going on, I'm going to send them news updates "every time" another TSA idiot makes the news for assault, theft and plain idiocy. I hope their aides aren't getting tired of reading my emails.
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    I'm with you. I mean, it's important to 'sort things out' - we don't want to railroad innocent people - but ---

    Another theft victim actually led police to Dovel. That individual tracked their stolen iPad to Dovel's Bedford home.

    That's just a tad damning.

    That they're even considering returning this guy to his 'trusted position' is shocking.
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    So if the actions of ONE TSA employee in no way reflects on other TSA workers how come one potential shoe bomber and one potential underpants bomber reflects on ALL people wanting to get on a plane?
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    Oh, thank you! This is brilliant! I'm going to steal it.
  12. TravelnMedic

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    Gee in my own backyard. Well yet more reasons to give anyone associated with TSA a very hard time and a massive load of (expletive deleted) at every encounter.

    Has anyone complied a list of article where the drivel of "doesn't reflect" is used it to throw it in there face and release to the national media to wake the sheep up that tsa makes us less safe, and here is plenty of evidence.
  13. Lisa Simeone

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    Oh, we have compiled so many lists, so many data points, so many arguments, so many refutations, so many cold, hard facts. I have an entire "TSA Responses" template that I draw on, so I don't have to type the same stuff over and over and over again at articles and sites all over the web. And it still doesn't matter. The sheeple won't be wakened.
  14. CelticWhisper

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    I should probably do something like this so I can keep up with you, Sommer, and Fisher on the article responses. I'd love to go after them more but there are some days when the overwhelmedness bottlenecks the free flow of invective against them. What kind of templates do you keep on file?
  15. CelticWhisper

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    Consumerist article on this.

    Comments massively anti-TSA. I particularly like this one, by smo0:

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  16. Lisa Simeone

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    It's just a Word doc on my computer. All the facts, figures, statistical analysis, risk assessment, historical accounts, logic, empirical evidence, and snarky comments I've used over the years. I have them grouped according to which argument I want to use when, to answer whom, in which rhetorical style, of various lengths according to what's allowable at whichever website, and including links or not depending on which sites accept them or whether that will get my comment immediately booted to spam or moderation. It's now 9 pages long. For instance, here's a short response:

    This country has lost its collective mind. The 9/11 victimology has got to stop. Millions of people around the world suffer far more from terrorism every day than this country ever has. Yet people here are willing to hand over their rights – and their human dignity – bit by bit, all for the illusion of “security.” “The Terrorists! The Terrorists Are Everywhere! Please Save Me! I’ll Gladly Bend Over And Spread ‘Em, Especially If You Tell Me It’s For My Own Good!”
    Congratulations, United Sheeple of America. You’ve done us proud.

    Again, I wouldn't use this just anywhere. It depends on what I'm responding to, where, who, how, etc.

    I also have more "just the facts, ma'am" responses. I have a scanner response. I have a myth-of-Israeli-security response. I have an Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Crotch Bomber) response. I have a "this kind of abuse has never happened to me" response. I have a Trusted Traveler response. Etc. I assail them with facts. But as I said, it doesn't matter. I mean, it gives me satisfaction, but it doesn't convince the apologists. They want to live in denial.
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    I said that very thing in The Other Forum in response to Ron or somesuch. I was simply ignored. When I reposted and politely asked him to answer me, a mod gave me a warning.
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    I've noticed that the mods in that other place have problems with depth perception. They don't know when they've crossed the line from kissing the TSA's collective butt to actual brown-nosing.
  19. RB

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    I don't think it is a matter of depth perception. I think it is more likely acute hypoxia from having their heads up their asses.
  20. Caradoc

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    In the case of those moderators, I'm not so sure it's their own - they've got their head up someone else's.

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