TSA @ EWR confiscates photography tool used to blow dust away from lenses & other delicate equipment

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 10, 2012.

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    While most of them weigh enough for that, their density relative to water isn't high enough overall.

    If you were to use only their heads, however, that might work - again, given the relative density.
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    Hmm somethings up with my twitter feed then as i didnt see this come up at all and I've gone back 7 days now. David is not a fan of TSA at all and is known for being a very off the cuff type and not to mention a great photographer. His blog, website, and twitter is very informative for photographers.
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    HOW did they confiscate this supposed dangerous device?

    Was a bomb squad called in? (Yes I know the answer, the bomb tech would have looked at the dust puffer then the agent, sworn at the agent for wasting everyone's time, the passenger would have cleared with his dust puffer.)

    Or did the agent declare it an explosive device and dropped it in the magical cardboard box next the the checkpoint near the lines of other passengers?
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    Thanks, guys. Posted at TSA News, with hat-tip to TUG:

    TSA Confiscates Photographers Tool

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