TSA fires 4, suspends more at Newark

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    Ah, yes, our old friend Newark Liberty Airport, site of so many colorful TSA hijinks.​
    Theft, harassment, racial profiling (“Mexican hunting” in the TSA’s poetic parlance), incompetent screening, sleeping on the job — it’s all waiting for you at Newark!​
    Then again, credit where credit is due: some Newark TSA agents are happy to blow the whistle on the “make-believe” of TSA security.​
    In the latest episode of Adventures in Security Theater, the TSA has fired 4 screeners and suspended 32 more, though some of those suspensions might be downgraded:​
    The probe was sparked in the fall of 2011 by reports that items were being stolen from checked luggage in a baggage screening room inside Terminal B. But it soon broadened into an investigation into lax screening, led by the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA’s parent agency.​
    Using hidden security cameras during November and December 2011, the TSA said it caught dozens of screeners on tape failing to physically search bags that had been flagged during the X-ray process. Investigators also determined supervisors and managers had failed to ensure bags were searched.​
    But then, we’ve only been telling you this for years — that while the smoke and mirrors of scanning and groping goes on in plain view, it’s a different story behind the scenes.​
    Listen, let’s get one thing straight: it’s not just the screeners at the airport who are to blame. And some of them, no doubt, probably get into trouble for the most stupid stuff — not confiscating Scary Terroristy Shampoo and Scary Terroristy Hand Lotion and Scary Terroristy Mayonnaise. They’re probably trying to be sensible, and not abusing passengers, by letting said passengers on board with innocuous stuff. I applaud those TSA workers and don’t want to malign them by lumping them in with all the sadists, pedophiles, and power-trippers.​
    But the management at the TSA has its collective head up its you-know-what, starting at the top with John Pistole. You know the saying — “a fish rots from the head.” Well, if the TSA doesn’t exemplify that, I don’t know what does.​
    That’s why it’s important that you participate in the public comment period and make your voice heard.
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    Star Ledger: TSA fires 4 screeners, suspends dozens in wake of probe at Newark Liberty airport

    In October, after a year-long investigation of lax baggage screening at Newark Liberty International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration moved to fire 25 screeners and supervisors and suspend 19 others. Today, after nearly six months of due process hearings involving the 44 screeners, the TSA announced that a total of four employees were dismissed, 32 were suspended, and six were exonerated. In the two other cases, one employee resigned before the hearing process played out, and another is still awaiting a final determination.
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    Gothamist: Newark TSA Agents Fired, Suspended For Lax Screening

    The TSA first took disciplinary action against employees in October, making moves to fire 25 baggage screeners and suspend 19 of them. Most of these screeners were accused of being too lax in their screenings and failing to search flagged bags. Some of the targeted screeners resigned their positions before the agency could fire them, and charges were dropped against six; four were fired, and a total of 32 were suspended. In other airport security news: knives are cool on planes! But not peanut butter.
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    Any bets on how many will contest their terminations and be rehired with back pay and STILL be unfit for polite society?
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