TSA focus group to spend money to study how to spend money ... and they're meeting quarterly

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    Government Security News: Next TSA focus group on Nov. 6 will look at agency’s contracting and acquisition policies

    TSA and the Washington Homeland Security Roundtable, a non-profit group founded in 2003, are collaborating on a series of focus groups, the next of which will examine the agency’s contracting and acquisition policies, and will be held at TSA headquarters in Arlington, VA, on November 6 (which happens to be Election Day.)

    A group that will be limited to representatives from 15 different companies will meet to discuss the regulations and current practices that drive the costs of TSA’s contracting process. “The intent is to identify policies, regulations, and practices that provide little or no added value, in terms of cost, schedule or risk, as well as those policies, regulations, and practices that could be improved to help reduce costs and acquisition cycle time,” explains a special notice published by TSA on Oct. 25.

    The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable envisions that these focus groups will take place approximately quarterly ...
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    Holy :trash:!
    Not that I am the least bit suprized, but it makes me very, very :mad:!!
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    They'll recommend more efficient procurement procedures for useless gadgets and ineffective training of their goons.
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