TSA Foils Lotion Bomb Plot, Nabs My Daughter [ATL]

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    Louis DeBroux / Grassroots Commentary: TSA Foils Lotion Bomb Plot, Nabs My Daughter

    One day last week, I woke up, got dressed for work, and hugged and kissed my 18-year old daughter goodbye, as she was shortly to be heading out to the airport to fly out west to visit a friend. I then got in my car and headed to work. About two hours later, I received a phone call from my wife, who was sobbing and inconsolable. It took me a minute or two to get her calmed down enough to understand what had happened; and when she told me what happened, I was livid.
    It seems that my 18-year old, 5'7", 125-pound daughter was involved in a dispute with a TSA agent (my daughter is many things, but meek and soft-spoken she is most certainly not). As she was making her way through security, the TSA agent began going through her purse, and proceeded to begin throwing away personal toiletry items, including a bottle of lotion that exceeded the maximum 3.4 ounce limit by a few ounces. My daughter, who is extremely sensitive to perfumes and additives found in most lotions, soaps, and shampoos, has to buy this expensive lotion for her hands and arms. Seeing the agent throw the lotion in the trash, she asked the agent if she (the agent) was going to pay to replace it, and when the agent declared she would not, my daughter removed the lotion and put it back in her purse.

    At this time the TSA agent removed her from the line and sent her to a second line for additional screening. Unbelievably, after waiting to go through the second security line, the TSA agent in that line did not bother to even check her bag. It should also be noted that my daughter had these exact same items in her purse two months ago when she took the exact same flight. So, did the TSA catch a terrorist that day? No, but they did make my daughter miss her flight, which precipitated the call from my wife, who felt like an awful mother for leaving my daughter (who, not being a regular airline passenger, was now crying and confused and unsure what to do next) at the airport by herself. So now I found myself trying to console my wife (and explain to her that it is pointless to go back to the airport because she will not make it to my daughter without a boarding pass), and my daughter (who now thinks she can't go see her friend and has lost the cost of the ticket that she paid for with her own money).

    Tragically, this is just one personal anecdote out of thousands that occur each day at airports across the United States ... [evolves into quite an anti-TSA diatribe :) ]
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    So much for the "medical supplies" exemptions, eh?
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    See the proboem is that TSA can't handle anything but round pegs and round holes. This is what you get when your screeners are idiots.
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    They're not all idiots. Some of them just like to make others miserable, and a TSA "job" allows them to molest at will.
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    Isn't there a DSM-V code for people like this?
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    A girl after my own heart.:D
    Thankfully the father has a clue. The lesson isn't what the daughter did or didn't do, but why any of us are subjected to TSA's :trash:.

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