TSA goes pink at Dulles Airport

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    I was immediately angry reading this crap. How the (expletive deleted) does TSA wearing pink gloves help anyone with breast cancer? What difference does it make whether you are groped by blue or pink gloved nitwits especially if you are a breast cancer patient or survivor?

    According to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein, during the month of October the 650 TSA officers at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) will be be wearing pink gloves instead of the more familiar blue gloves as a sign of their support in the fight against Breast Cancer.
    Farbstein said this is the first year the officers have chosen to wear pink gloves, but that doing so is voluntary, So while there are 210 cases of pink gloves at the ready, you may still see some officers wearing blue gloves. She notes that the pink gloves come in sizes small to extra large and that pink XXL gloves aren’t available.
  2. Again, they fail to see the irony of groping breast cancer survivors with pink gloves. Absolutely disgraceful. But, you know, it's all theater. You're right, it does absolutely nothing to help with breast cancer. But it gives the illusion that they give a damn.
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    If they really wanted to DO something regarding breast cancer they could take donations for a designated organization - but wait - what are the chances most of that money would go into their own pockets? Instead they don pink gloves paid for by the very same people who are going to get groped and humiliated. I agree, this is disgraceful.
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    ...and the irony of wearing pink gloves while giving people cancer every day with their blue cancer boxes.
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    Penn & Teller did a show on breasts on their (expletive deleted)! series a few years back. Fast forward to about 19:00 where a breast cancer survivor who started her own organization explains how advertising "awareness" really does nothing, unless you are selling or promoting a ancillary product.

    Also - I missed this when I originally saw it on TV - but the immediate segment next features a woman that staged a protest on a bridge in DAB by removing her shirt, even though "Homeland Security" threatened to arrest her. :confused:

    http://www.peteava.ro/id-677389-pen...e deleted)-season-5-episode-3-breast-hysteria
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    You can bet that someone at TSA thought this up as a sick joke and it actually became a reality. What a sick agency.
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