TSA goes through woman's luggage, finds sex toy, leaves pervy note

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Was just about to post this here. Beat me to it, you jackass.

    *kicks dirt*

    Either way, this is completely unprofessional. Throwing people's (expletive deleted) back in their bag without taking care to replace things as they were is just lazy and sloppy, but the clerk-not-officer-not-agent had to go out of its way to write this on the invasion note.

    The sad thing is that if this were to have happened before (*obligatory spooky waggly fingers*)Nine Eleven, it would have been an isolated, unconnected incident that probably would have been pretty funny, assuming nothing was damaged, contaminated, or stolen.

    Now, however, since all these incidents are connected and as such are indicative of the contemptuous culture at TSA, it's just sick and intolerable.
  3. RB

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    Either way, this is completely unprofessional.= TSA Mantra!

    If TSA would spend just a bit of their energy on requiring professionalism instead of just making baseless claims then some of these problems would go away.

    I bet if a survey was taken and the question was "which federal agency is the least professional" I would bet a sizable amount that TSA would come out on top.
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    Wow. I'd like to see one person try to claim THIS isn't blatant, undeniable evidence of TSA wrongdoing.

    No excuse. None.
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    This has to end...
    In the meantime, what about 4th Amendment zippered garment bags? Or other well placed messages for the goons opening our luggage?
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    Hrmph, a bunch of monkeys going through peoples bags and personal belongings, looking for anything they like, except, maybe a properly labeled handgun. Idiots, the lot of them!

    This is what happens when they spread their search to anything but WEI, the original items for which they search are lost in the fog of so many other items. I know they're not searching for items like this per se, but their search methods allow, and even create instances where it is used for just that(or drugs or anything else for that matter). It increases the likelihood that WEI will get through undetected. Again, there are studies that show this point, but the TSA is too stupid, stubborn, and poisoned. So much so that they can hardly offer any "real" affect on air travel safety.
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    My feeling is, anything we do to goad them is going to come back to haunt us. Unless and until something is done at the Federal level to limit their power, they HAVE total power over us. They can steal our belongings with impunity, harass us at checkpoints, sexually molest us, prevent us from using our legally-purchased plane tickets (potentially costing us hundreds or thousands of dollars), lie about our behavior at checkpoints and then have us arrested on trumped up charges, and generally make our lives miserable.

    It makes me sick that these low-life (expletive deleted) have this power over us...but they do. We need to keep up the efforts to change that - the letters to lawmakers, the publicizing of their atrocities, voting for candidates who don't support the TSA - but in the meantime, some of us just don't have the ability to do things that are going to screw up our lives.

    I'm going on a cruise soon that is costing me quite a bit of money. It's our 30th anniversary, and I'll be damned if I'll let TSA take that away from me. If I miss the embarkation, POOF - thousands of dollars, gone. I am not in a financial position to gamble with thousands of dollars. For that reason I will need to submit. Which makes me want to vomit...but what choice do I have?
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    Similar situation:


    Nico Melendez, western regional spokesman for the TSA, said the note in Goldberg's luggage will be investigated, but he said there's no proof that a TSA employee wrote it. "It's a leap to say it was a TSA screener," Melendez said.
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    Do you have any means of getting to the seaport other than flying? Train, bus, driving, anything like that?
  10. LeeAnne

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    No...considering the port is in Papeete, Tahiti! The only way to get there from the US is to fly from LAX. And I'm a working person, it's not like I can take a bunch of time off to get myself there in some other manner - if I could, I would take a freaking ROWBOAT there to avoid letting one more sadistic TSA clerk touch my privates again. But this is the cruise we want to do - I've been on this cruise before, it's the most romantic place on earth and that's where we want to celebrate our 30th, and why shouldn't we? We have friends who are doing this with us, it's their anniversary as well and this is their dream vacation, why should we allow the TSA to rob us of this? If we gave this up, that would mean not only do they have power over us at the airport, they have power over our very LIVES, able to take our dreams away from us. I won't give that to them.
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    A LEAP? Who the (expletive deleted) ELSE could have done it? Are they saying that the TSA is allowing just anybody to get into baggage and write notes on THEIR inserts? So...um...I guess that means a tewowist could insert a BOMB into a suitcase, eh? :eek:
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    Good for you. After the experiences you recounted back at "the other place" I'm glad to see that you can still adopt that sort of "F-U, TSA" mindset. If only there were a surefire way to crush them more thoroughly right now.
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    Every TSA employee that searches bags should be given a pad of notification slips that are printed with a number that is traceable to them. That would stop the sophomoric clowning around and help to minimize theft. Keeping the employees focused on finding weapons, explosives and incendiaries might even help out on those dismal Red Team failure rates.
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    That is exactly what Nico Melendez said. Bags once inspected by TSA are readily available for theft, introduction of contraband or anything else and TSA is not reponsible or at fault.

    If TSA can't even safeguard checked baggage just why do we need to spend billions of dollars on TSA programs in the first place. It really seems that TSA has no concept of security!
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    Might I suggest travel insurance to get your money back in case of trouble?
  16. LeeAnne

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    Unfortunately I don't know of any travel insurance that would cover being detained by the TSA and forced to miss my trip, especially if the TSA makes up sh*t about my behavior to get me ARRESTED for trumped-up charges such as "interfering with the screening process" or whatever. And we know full well they've done that, it's well documented and in fact been proven in a court of law (see Phil Mocek).

    No, my only choice is to either allow myself to be irradiated (and given my family history of breast cancer, that is not a very attractive option) or silently submit to being groped by strangers, a groping that is at BEST offensive, and may very well rise to the level of sexual molestation (as it has for me on two occasions already).

    Great choices, huh? :(
  17. FetePerfection

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    Interesting point. I just read the entire policy I purchased for an upcoming trip and yep - no mention of coverage for anything other than illness, weather, accident, natural disaster (oh wait TSA may qualify) or terrorist event (this may qualify as well) ;)
  18. I notice she's decided to retire the vibrator, having not known if it was handled or how. So, yet another conundrum in the absurdity of security theater: either check your sex toy and have to wonder what a pervy clerk might do with it, or carry it on and risk public humiliation if your bag is searched, but be in a position to insist on fresh gloves. Bill Forster had a whole comic about vibrators at checkpoints and his suggestion was to check them, but in light of this pervy note, I'd think twice. But, on the bright side, if one has the right kind of personality, there's plenty of opportunity to turn the tables and embarrass the clerks if one should choose to carry on the vibrator.
  19. LeeAnne

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    I'm shipping mine from now on! :p
  20. CelticWhisper

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    There's all kinds of joke potential for packing it in a Pelican case along with a starter pistol. "My firearms are in there...both of them." "Ma'am, this isn't a firearm." "You only say that because you haven't seen what it can do. ;)"
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