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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Mar 15, 2012.

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    The area that was deviod of clerks looked like a NoS-Free Zone. I wonder if that's why they weren't using it? I'm not familiar with PHL. Can anyone confirm?
  3. barbell

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    That looks like Terminal D, which last I heard, was the only NoS-free checkpoint at PHL.

    PHL has individual checkpoints for each Terminal A-F, though all are interconnected airside.

    I'm certain TSA can't wait to get their disgusting junkatrons up and running in all checkpoints.
  4. scott523

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    I would assume this video was taken around 4am where it has just opened. More lanes will gradually open within the hour.
  5. barbell

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    No doubt.

    I would also suspect that like other airports like PHL with NoS checkpoints and NoS free checkpoints leading into a common terminal building, that the NoS checkpoints are fully open, fully operational, and fully functional at the morning rush, while the non-NoS lane is opened later, with only one lane, being operated half-asssed.

    And yet, look at that line! Obviously people at PHL know where to go to keep their dignity in tact.

    Since it is claimed that people have accepted, even >3, the NoS, I find it so odd to see such a ridiculously long line for the only checkpoint in PHL without a NoS. It's so odd. You'd think these people would've known what was good for them and headed on down for a good-ol' strip search. After all, it is their patriotic duty. :confused:
  6. RB

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    Seems with that many people waiting in line TSA would be ready to go and not just walking around doing nothing useful. How much more of a back up is another hour going to create.
  7. scott523

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    FYI, this checkpoint serves D and E (and maybe C/F). From that video, there were 2 lanes open. Not everyone starts at 3:30am. There are 3 more shifts in 30min increments and all shifts require briefing. By 5am, there should be at least 8 lanes open depending on the line. Average wait is 30min so if anyone can't wait that long, too bad. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to arrive at least 1-2 hours prior to departure.
  8. RB

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    Just for fair and full disclosure I don't work for TSA. Do you scott523?

    Any reasonable managment professional would be able to see when a need for providing whatever service they provide is needed and when to start. The number of people waiting in line at that checkpoint would indicate to me that TSA doesn't have any management professionals.
  9. jtodd

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    It's obvious he does, you can tell by the snide retort about citizens and their "perceived" feelings. Remember, to the TSSA, it's is always the citizens fault.
  10. RB

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    I suspect so too but it kinda pisses me off that someone thinks having to waiting 30 minutes should be acceptable.

    I didn't try counting the people in line but if we estimate say a hundred people waiting 30 minutes each that is 50 man hours wasted, time these people can't get back, all while TSA employees are standing around doing nothing. I would have said doing nothing useful but I don't think TSA does anything useful anyhow.

    If the poster being discussed does work for TSA I think it is a strong indication just why the public has had enough of these people.
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    I'm sure Mike will tell us if he is using a DHS computer to post from work. ;)
  12. Mike

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    Actually, I'm tempted just to delete the last four posts.

    Discuss issues, not people.
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    The issue and the people are interrelated.
  14. Mike

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    No, they're not.

    The guy tried to provide some potentially useful info, and several of you immediately jumped on him, assuming that he works for TSA.

    That kind of behavior is not acceptable.
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    Thanks Mike. And yes, I do. I'm not saying 30min is acceptable but it's what we try to maintain at peak times. If you arrive around 8-10am, lines will be nearly empty.

  16. jtodd

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    I apologize if the poster is not a TSA employee.

    Can you tell me that this exact attitude and mentality doesn't account for many of the problems with the TSA, outside of the TSA's terrible standards and procedures?

    "Average wait is 30min so if anyone can't wait that long, too bad. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to arrive at least 1-2 hours prior to departure."

    It is this view of, and attitude towards Americans that is the source of the screaming agents, retaliatory screenings, threats of stealing pax money, threats of police harassment, etc. etc.

    This attitude fully explains why all of those Americans were made to stand there and wait while TSA employees think the passengers should be thankful it isn't any longer and only 1 lane.
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  18. RB

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    My argument, and it is not against you individually but TSA in general, is that enough checkpoints should be manned and ready to go if the passengers are lined up like they are in the OP's video. To me it doesn't matter if more screeners come on at 30 minute intervals. In the video we see a fair number of TSA employees in the background apparently doing nothing. I assume they are on the clock so there is no excuse to not be doing the function they are paid for and that is screening people, those people standing in line waiting for no telling how long. And no, having to wait 30 minutes is not acceptable.

    The FSD needs to man up the checkpoints to meet the needs of the public, not the needs of TSA!
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    Imagine that. I didn't even have to see that to know, tone and attitude said it all. I had images of nude scanners and threats of DYWTFT in my head as I read the post.

    The reason the screening takes so long there, and that an (expletive deleted) truck load of TSA employees can only manage to open 2 lanes at a major airport is because of their inability to implement a proper, rational screening system with competent, trustworthy and polite employees. But hey, the excuse that they'll have 3 more shifts there, fully "briefed" to look for grandma, in a few hours, so eff the passengers is good enough I guess. Never mind the fact that it is a Friday, at a major airport. The airlines know how many passengers they have on the flights that morning, they have a history of foot traffic at the airport, and the TSA still sticks to its rigid employee shift count regardless. The TSA screws up everything it tries to do or gets it's grubby little hands on.
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    The 30 minute wait I can take. I'm usually early by plenty. Having the random hand up my crotch I can do without.
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