TSA: How Dumb Are The People Searching Us At The Airport?

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    Amy Alkon: TSA: How Dumb Are The People Searching Us At The Airport?

    It would be hilarious if their cluelessness didn't coincide with the violation of our constitutional right against unreasonable search. Travel writer Christopher Elliott blogs at TSA News Blog:
    You've probably seen this video of TSA screener Andy Ramirez, who is accused of swiping an iPad at Orlando International Airport. The device was left in the terminal by ABC News, and a few days later, it came calling for the iPad with a camera crew. Ramirez hemmed and hawed before handing over the tablet computer, which had been tracked to his house. He's been fired.

    What's so funny about it: TSA agents taking iPads from passengers is only funny in the sense that it's ironic -- the very people who are supposed to be protecting us are stealing from us. What's leaving the terrorists in stitches is the fact that Ramirez apparently didn't know iPads can be tracked. And he's supposed to be screening passengers for weapons and explosives? Hilarious.
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