Video TSA Invades Chicago's Union Station

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Published on Jul 8, 2012 by 1776umphreys
    As I entered Chicago's Union Station back on July 5th, I noticed 3 Fully Uniform TSA Agents sitting inside the office of Amtrak Police. I took out my cell phone and started to follow these TSA agents, and it appeared to me that they were setting up a Check Point for Amtrak Riders. This is just another example of how TSA expanding their operations and entering Train Stations, Bus terminals, and major sporting and concert events. Will Americans allow TSA bring their intrusive Pat Downs on the road or finally take a stand and say NO!!
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    Gotta do something about those record riderships. Can't have a quasi-govt company doing to well, you know!

    Seriously, if they want to ruin their long string of record-breaking successes, bringing in the perverts will do just that. If my choices are (1) get groped and fly or (2) get groped and ride the train, I will either fly or drive. The train just became a non-option.
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    O'Connor retires this month. I wish the fellow had stayed in the station to see what the procedures are. They could well have been simply the intermittent (one in 20) bag checks that amtrak has always done on occasion, and nothing else.

    But Mike is absolutely correct. If they start the scope and grope routine, their record ridership is history. Why would we pay extra and travel longer to get the same thing we get by flying?
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    Posted this on Amtrak's facebook page:

    Here's hoping it gets seconded and supported by like-minded travelers.
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    From the Facebook post:

    Pretty obviously just copypasta, but it's troubling that it doesn't give much of an impression to go on with regard to what to expect in the future.

    I feel like I want to post back "I know all of that, but the problem is that some of your passengers would rather be less safe if it means being able to avoid TSA." I'm assuming, though, that whatever PR flack posted that isn't going to be able to do much more than post prefabricated responses.

    EDIT: *le sigh*, I'm a glutton for punishment. Just posted this, will see what transpires.

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    Also, a petition I created on the (in)famous(ly useless) We The People petitions page.

    I fully expect an F-U response to this one just like the abolish-TSA petition got, but I figure the more directions we can hit them from, the better. So far I've communicated with Amtrak via their Facebook page (yeah, real official, I know), SignOn and petitions, and now I figure it can't hurt to petition the Obama administration as well.

    I see this as the next major front in this fight. TSA is entrenched at airports - excising that cancer is going to take time and effort, we all know that. They don't have a serious foothold in train stations, though, so the way I see it we need to be all-in on pushing back as soon, as fast, and as hard as possible. An ounce of prevention and all that jazz. Keep them from getting established and we keep it easy to avoid them by taking the train.
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    Good thing I bought that new Camry Hybrid in April.

    An interesting aside is, this is a fine dose of medicine for those jackasses who said, "If you don't want to deal with the TSA, just don't get on an airplane."

    Before long it's going to be, "If you don't want to deal with the TSA, just don't leave your yard."

    Seriously, if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed that. If I'd been at that train station, I would have been *tempted* to ask, "By what authority are you setting up a checkpoint?"

    Then again, they'd probably arrest me, handcuff me, and then tazer me - in that order.

    But it does beg the question - by what authority ARE they doing this???
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    Posted a link to the petition at Slashdot. Appears in the listing here (please vote it up if you can).

    Direct link here.
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