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    You should be very proud of her. She's willing to give up something she really wants to stand up for what she believes in. As a mom you can't ask for more than that in your child. If only more people would do what she's doing we wouldn't have such an uphill fight on our hands.
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    Oh, sorry, Monica, got it.

    Yes, parents who are aware are saying this. Of course, I know several parents who are clueless. And who wish to remain so. I've given up on them. I don't have children, but I cannot imagine allowing a child of mine to risk being pawed. I just don't understand these people.
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    Also, LeapingFrogs, what did your daughter's company say? Has the HR department formulated a policy on this? I'm sure this is something thousands of business are grappling with, though I'm also sure the attitude of most of them is "just suck it up."
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    Monica, please don't take offense but is the daughter about whom you write an "it's all about me" person?
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    Please be sure and report back to us here so we can start Facebook fan pages and websites in his honor!

    FWIW - my wife's family gets together every summer so all the cousins can get together and get to know their aunts and uncles. Everyone but her parents drove this year. Everyone. Even us, who fly for free.
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    No offense taken Doober. My husband, her step father, and I had quite the lively discussion this morning regarding your question. We came to the conclusion that although she is active in several charities and would drop everything to come to the aid of friends or family in need, that basically, yes, she is an "it's all about me" type person. Having said that she sent me an article regarding the TSA just this morning "to get me going" which gives me a sliver of hope that maybe I'm making some headway with her. She basically lives in airports so for her it is just "another day at the office" but I don't believe she's yet had the "pleasure" of having an enhanced pat down. But with all the miles she logs every year you know the odds are not in her favor of escaping it forever...... My neighbors who never gave a second thought to the TSA now have a different opinion after several conversations we've had. Although they will submit to the scanner they said if they were selected for a pat down they would go to jail before submitting to one - so I'm making progress at some level.
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    From defense lawyer Mark Bennett, at his blog:

    Author: Mark Bennett

    Unfortunately, since a Class 1 Misdemeanor has a maximum punishment of six months in jail, Ms. Miyamae would not be constitutionally entitled to a jury trial.

    Sure, a lawyer could plead her guilty to sex abuse, but unless she admitted sexual intent on tape or on paper I don't envision that happening.

    Unless Ms. Miyamae is determined to stand on principle (I hope she is), I'll bet the case gets pled down to a class 3 misdemeanor assault.
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    Well, being the company she works for is rather young and hip, you know the kind that provides snacks, dinner, beverages, and pretty much anything to keep their skilled workforce in place and coming to work 24/7. They won't require her to do anything she morally objects to. And, they have to be careful in the area we live in... tick off your technical staff, and they'll just up and go to one of the other monster software companies in the area like Microsoft, Google, Nintendo, Amazon etc... Ya, they're not going to force her and have said they would not dream of holding it againt her. But she's upset and my heart breaks for her.
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    LeapingFrogs, if that isn't the very definition of terrorism, I don't know what is. The fact that your daughter doesn't want to celebrate the fruits of her labors "for her safety" is wrong on so many levels.

    "Here, we need to violate your dignity so you can maintain your dignity."

    What a sick joke.
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    You know, if it weren't actually happening, I could laugh at a joke like that. In fact, I probably already have. Yet, here we are, and I can't even cough up a smirk. It's so ludicrous that it does seem laughable. That is what our politicians have done to this country, made it a laughing stock. He!!, they can't even set a freaking budget, junior high kids are taught that everyday. Then they put complete lunatics in charge of public service agencies, I mean, near straight jacket put a cork on their fork monkeys running airport security. Un-fricking-beliavable!!! Chaffetz needs to subpeona Pistole, and when he shows up, walk up to him and kick him in the jeeblies as restitution to all of the Americans he has assaulted.
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    I think part of our uphill battle is that it is so unbelievable.

    If we try to bring to light a situation, it sounds like hyperbole because what is going on is so ridiculously unbelievable sane people can't comprehend it.
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    barbell, exactly. I've found this incredulousness especially with my friends overseas. They don't believe it. It sounds so outlandish that they don't believe it. Jennifer Abel has found this in the reaction to her columns for the Guardian. From when she started writing about it last year, the comments from Brits have been scathing. Then again, plenty of my friends and colleagues also refuse to believe it, and they have no excuse. They live here, they see the news coverage, there's no excuse for their remaining ignorant.

    It's denial. And, again, that impressively charitable sentiment, "It's okay if it happens to you, as long as it doesn't happen to me."
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    Well, and that's part of the problem. There is a segment of the population that thinks the media is just over hyping the conversation to sell news. To an extent, of course they are. The thing with TSA is, as I just said, it is so ridiculous the media really doesn't have to do much.

    I've mentioned a former colleague who blasted me on FB for my anti-TSA rant. She used as the basis for her argument that the media was blowing it out of proportion saying, "We don't grope. We don't put our hands in people's pants. The media is making that up." When I countered that my testicles were pushed around and that hands were placed in my pants, I was told to "get over myself." It's an uphill battle.

    I'm glad we have each other here for moral support. :)
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    Vicki Mabrey of ABC-TV was the same with me. She denied that this was going on, despite testimony from people who'd had it happen to them. Flat out denied it. Then her colleague, a producer named Carolyn Durand (her name was in the news), was outrageously groped, on her bare skin -- "it was basically worse than going to the gynecologist" was the quote -- and Vicki was forced to concede. But she still said she doesn't care.

    Then again, she refuses to acknowledge empirical evidence in general. Doesn't know anything about DHS and FBI and their military-style raids on peace activists' homes, doesn't know about the VIPR program, doesn't know about unwarranted surveillance, etc. etc. And doesn't want to know. This is someone who's ostensibly a news reporter.

    Same goes for Michael Dresser and Michelle Deal-Zimmerman of the Baltimore Sun, and Eva Rodriguez of the Washington Post, and too many others to name (but whose articles and columns are in my files). Complete TSA apologists. They are complicit. They are as guilty as the TSA itself.
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    Replied. Way overtired today so I didn't want to say too much and have it come out unintelligible, but hopefully the citation of 49 USC 40103 will silence the "Hurr durr, flying is a PRIVLIJ!" crowd.
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    CW, yes, I cited the SC earlier in the thread. It probably won't make a dent. People are determined to hang onto their irrationality.
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    Thanks, Monica. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply but I "lost" the thread.

    The woman I used to work with, the development director for a non-profit, was like that. Yes, she raised funds for the organization, but she has never, in over 6 years, bought into the program. It's all about how much she raised and making her look good.
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