TSA Investigation Underway After Driver Accidentally Enters Taxiway At Philadelphia International Ai

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Caradoc

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    If we use the example of the "behavioral detection" personnel who were unable to tell that their co-worker was assisting smugglers, or that their other co-worker was a suicidal nut job, we can infer that the TSA's sole skill set lies in defrauding the general public.
  2. N965VJ

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    Vehicular taxiway incursions are the purview of the FAA and the airport police. I don't know why the TSA should butt in the way, unless they want to add another layer of FAIL to the PHL police, which would not be hard to do.
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  3. RB

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    TSA being the maliganat hydra it is requires airports to submit security plans to TSA for approval. I agree FAA has this one on its plate but we cannot excuse TSA's role in another security failure on its part.
  4. Caradoc

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    It'd be like putting a coating of pigeon crap on a cow pattie.
  5. Rugape

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    Ok, checked with my sources and the responsibility for the security falls on the airport/APD/security organizations that are employed for that function. TSA approves the security plans, but the airport/APD/security group are responsible for implementing and maintaining it. The best source of info about perimeter security I found was Assistant Administrator John Sammons presentation to Congressional committee in July of 11. Read it here if you like: http://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=489524

    TSIs do inspections of the AOA entry points, but the GAO in 2009 indicated that a comprehensive threat assessment had not been done on perimeter security, in response TSA conducted a Special Emphasis Assessment and Special Emphasis Inspection at all Cat X, I, II, III, and IV airports last year, at this time, I can find no results or posted information from them, but I would not necessarily expect them to publish the results publicly before having them presented to either GAO or the Congressional Committee.
  6. Rugape

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    Agreed, but I think they wound up involved simply because of the oversight position they hold in the airport security plans.
  7. KrazyKat

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    Probably paid for (by us) but never done.
  8. RB

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    After reading Sammons testimony (page 4, para 4) to me says that TSA will do certain things. Can't copy and paste due to pdf document.

    Paragraph 5 tells us how TSA will conduct Risk Assesments and Compliance Testing, sure would like to see all TSA records from that airport and see just how much testing is really going on. If it is like TSA training for acceptable ID's then we pretty well know its just a pencil whipping exercise.

    If TSA is doing all of the things stated in Sammons testimony then how on earth could a person drive their car onto the airport taxiways without interference from any kind of security?

    Note also in the GAO report how TSA rolls out unproven programs and then only takes half assed efforts to validate those programs.

    If TSA wants to take responsibility for certain things then TSA has to accept the consquences for doing those things poorly.
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  9. KrazyKat

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    B/c the others are incompetant too or on the take.
    There is massive fraud when comparing what is attested as done, or to be done (to get requisite approvals), and what is done in fact. In many cases there is no intention of ever doing these things; they are actions which exist only on paper. A parallel universe of documentation BS.

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