TSA is now using Instagram, but we can also post with the same hashtags

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    I think I see a new opportunity for our Mr. Sanchez & others! :D

    Business 2 Community: TSA Pleases Public with Instagram Account (July 17 2013)

    On June 27, the TSA blog team officially joined Instagram, the growing picture-sharing community with over 80 million users. Rather than the standard posts of food pics, travel snapshots, “selfies,” and photos with friends, the TSA photo stream on Instagram showcases an array of banned items, from fireworks to grenades, that the TSA has seized from dubious passengers.

    For a government agency that is routinely met with hostility from the public, a risky PR move can easily add to the fuel of online hate. If done correctly, however, the group can engage with the public in a way that delivers a compelling statement about what the agency does and why they do it.

    So how might Paul Sanchez & other photographers fit into this picture? Here is a typical caption to accompany one of TSA's photos of confiscated weaponry; take note of some of the hash tags used:

    Bayonet and throwing knife discovered at #LongBeach. Inert grenade discovered at #Albany. Dagger discovered at #Austin. #california#newyork#texas#knives#grenades#travel#aviation#airports#tsa#instatsa See and read more at http://blog.tsa.gov

    Any pictures & captions denoting TSA ineptitude can be posted to Instagram on your own account, of course, but with the same hash tags that TSA uses. Anyone clicking on those hash tags, e.g. pursuant to reading a TSA propaganda post, will then suddenly see both sides of the picture. :)

    Likewise any imagery that you can round up0 of Gropenfrauen assaulting the elderly & smurves on their knees in compromising positions can also be posted with the same hash tags, pictures of John Brennan, the Portland Airport stripper, etc. :D

    And then there's the category of TSA's criminal mugshots ...

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