TSA is Reminder of Independence Day Contradictions

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    These invasions of basic privacy and decency aside, Americans flying on Independence Day (and any time throughout the year) will come face to face with what the TSA is really all about. It represents a gradual acceptance of a police state, more and more control of our lives and property, and most importantly, the illusion of security. It might be easier, perhaps, to accept the TSA's abuses if they were at least preventing attacks or crimes, but the TSA is laughably incompetent. But as long as there are costumed government agents patrolling, watching, and ordering us around, there is a false assumption of safety.

    At a time when Americans are supposed to celebrate their freedoms and honor those who fought to earn our independence, the TSA is an upfront reminder of how rhetorical these platitudes have become. While offering lip service to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we find that the 4th Amendment apparently does not apply once we step inside of an airport, and we slowly but surely have become inundated and accepting of it as normal and necessary.
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    I think he sums it up pretty nicely here:

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    I really like this one:

    But not all TSA employees are "laughably incompetent." Some of them are delusional, and some of them are just there for the opportunities to steal from and/or otherwise molest passengers under the color of authority.
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    Let's not forget their cousins in the Customs and Border Protection agency, where more than 10% of those with badges and guns are either corrupt or are/have been under investigation for criminal misconduct. The other DHS law enforcement agencies seem to be working hard to be every bit as "bad" as CBP.

    There's an epidemic of malfeasance here that is not limited to TSA. TSA is just the face of corruption that normal Americans are more likely to encounter.

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