TSA lies about 2008 incident at OIA

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by KrazyKat, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. KrazyKat

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    Man said to have 'explosives' in luggage actually had none, FBI lab report found

    Mica not amused that TSA continues to trumpet 2008 "success" to justify $250M/yr BDO program. Neither incendiary risk nor behavior detection powers at work at OIA. But don't let facts stand in the way of appropriations:
    No BDO needed to detect man on heavy anti-psychotics either:
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  3. FaustsAccountant

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    Considering how they trump up every other ridiculous incident but yet have never 'detected' any suspicious behavior among their own ranks, that $250 mill-per-year went down the flusher.
  4. Lisa Simeone

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    We're on the same wavelength. At TSA News:

    TSA lied about 2008 incident
    by LISA SIMEONE on FEBRUARY 22, 2012
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  5. RB

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    I question everything stated by TSA because dishonesty seems to be a stock "tool of the trade" in that agency.
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    Exactly. To all of the above.
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    I would suggest that if they were so inclined, the first step would be in obtaining some intelligent employees...
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  9. RB

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    TSA would do itself well if TSA found some intelligence. (and used it)
  10. Fisher1949

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    Just another false flag episode. Four years and $30 billion later this finally gets exposed.
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    I just emailed my reps regarding this pile of crap from the TSA. I have 1 rep/reps aides who have become particularly lazy and ignorant regarding the issues, so a separately written email, with very strong language, was written for him. It may have been across the line, but we're only at this juncture because the TSA has crossed too many lines and his office has failed to even make an adequate assessment of such.
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