Arrested TSA Employee TSA Manager Shane Hinkle at Blue Grass Airport charged with sexual abuse of co-worker

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    These are the kinds of stats that virtually no one is aware of other than those like us who watch TSA closely. Occasionally these show up as news exposes' in some article and I am somewhat bewildered when people are surprised at them. It illustrates the divide and conquer strategy that works for corrupt organizations and stifles reform.

    If more folks were aware of the risks they face in a security line in say EWR, they would have a much different view of their Government's effort to "protect them".
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    Tenth Amendment Center: Lexington TSA Manager Gets Busted For Doing What He Does At Work (Aug 14 2013)

    Police busted a TSA manager at the Blue Grass Airport and charged him with sexually abusing a coworker earlier this week ... When I first read the arrest report, I couldn’t help but wonder what the big deal was. Perhaps he just thought he was doing a little on the job training. In all seriousness, TSA agents across the United States subject hundreds of innocent Americans to this kind of behavior on a daily basis. In a very real sense, Hinkle went to jail charged with doing what he does at work every day. Only the fact that federal law and a badge authorizes his on the job behavior differentiates it from his alleged criminal acts. And in some weird parallel universe, that makes groping OK. Wrap your head around this: a federal stamp of approval legitimizes sexual abuse.


    Even a step short of arresting TSA agents could drastically inhibit these invasive pat-downs. Simply forbid state or local law enforcement officers from cooperating with TSA agents when they engage in this kind of behavior. The TSA has no arrest power. They have to call over the local law enforcement officer on duty at the check point to make an arrest, or even remove somebody from the airport.

    Imagine – you refuse a TSA grope, the agent calls over the cop and he simply remains standing at his post. This would defang the TSA, and create, as James Madison put it, “very serious impediments.”

    Urge your state lawmakers to sponsor travel freedom legislation in your state.
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    The problem with this is that either the freedom fluffers will agitate for guns and arrest powers via their union, or TSA will simply close down airports in areas where the local cops refuse to carry their water.
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    I think there would be enormous pressure, given the toys the police get from DHS.
    States might get better traction on bills to refuse to enforce the forcible pat-down. That's limited, well short of criminalizing TSO actions. Would TSA go to extremes over police backup for the grope?
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    You betcha. When has TSA failed to go to extremes to support their inanity? Waving magic paper strips over drinks purchased in the so-called "sterile area," groping children, forcing Granny to remove her incontinence undergarments, et cetera.

    The TSA has reached a point where if anyone so much as breathes the notion that they've gone too far, they start screaming "9/11! 9/11! TWIN TOWERS! UNDERWEAR BOMBS!" in the faint hope that there are still some people out there who'll believe their :trash:.
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    This raises an obvious question, though - are there? Seems that since Snowden the Hero info-wedgied the NSA, people have been getting pissed off at more than just the NSA. If there are people out there who still think TSA is worth anything, the number must be dwindling.
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    And why VIPR has gone into hyperdrive-- a sign TSA sees an end to encores for their airport security theater.
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    Like I said in the other thread - desperation to remain relevant. With a scintilla of luck, every single "employee" of the TSA will realize that the best possible contribution they could make to humanity would be to donate their organs - all of them - to someone who'd put them to better use.
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    Wouldn't that be anyone outside of government?
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    Bubba was slated to have a preliminary hearing (WKYT) this morning, presuming it was routine as there are no reports as to exactly what transpired at the hearing.
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    Whenever I go to this thread I have to quickly scroll past the photo, the guy is so scary/creepy looking.
    Nothing from the hearing, but more detail for those who haven't read the complaint:
    Video recorded in the act Aug 4th, carrying out his own "female assist."
  13. He is hardly the only one folks, My boss killed a woman making him ineligible for federal employment, yet here he is, and the TSA knows about it. They use him as their axe man to dole out various abuses, threats, to his subordinates. YES they made him a boss, Yes he sleeps in his office, Yes he lies with ease. They keep him for these very reasons, and he knows why they keep him...and goes along WITHOUT question.
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    That's quite an allegation. Supporting evidence?

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