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    I returned to DFW today departing out of MIA. We used the D terminal and all I can say it was a TSA cluster puck. Even the TDC was making loud announcements such as to not approach the podium until called. The moat dragons given loud direction and typical heavy backup of travelers waiting for one of the two strip search machines and one WTMD and this was 8AM, imagine when things got busy.

    I don't know how many checkpoints are at the D terminal but the one we used was closest to the AA check in area. An airport worker (not TSA) noticed my wife has a mobility impairment an directed us to the left side of the checkpoint, the WTMD lane. It was in steady use the whole I was watching but seemed to be for families and such. Still had to remove belts. Got through with no problems but give a C- due to wait times and noise.

    I bet TSA thinks they're doing a good job. Wonder how they would feel if pay was based on passenger satisfaction?

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