TSA mouthpiece now works for Hawaiian propaganda ministry

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    Guess now they'll only need 17 Twitter accounts to spew the bull:poop: ...

    The Republic: Office of Hawaiian Affairs hires Big Island native, former TSA spokesman to be DC bureau chief

    The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has hired someone in the nation's capital to help improve federal law and policy for Native Hawaiians and Hawaii. The office announced last week Kawika Riley will be the new Washington, D.C. bureau chief. The Big Island native is a former spokesman for the federal Transportation Security Administration. He also has previous experience with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ... Crabbe says Riley will make a meaningful contribution to national efforts to empower Hawaiians.
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    I'm guessing the Hawaiians didn't actually consider the ramifications of continuing to employ the one single person who's done more damage to their tourism in the last ten years than anyone else?
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    Who is the idiot that hired a TSA spokesman to represent native Hawaiians?
    He'll sell them out to DC interests just as he has sold his soul to TSA.

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