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    I [Lisa Simeone] was on the Alyona Minkovksi Show on HuffPost Live last night with former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley and EPIC Administrative Law Counsel Khaliah Barnes to talk about the TSA’s VIPR teams. The show was prompted by an article in the New York Times the other day alerting the public to what some of us have been writing about for years — that it was only a matter of time before the TSA’s unwarranted searches and harassment of passengers would spread from airports to every other transportation hub. I don’t know why it took the NYT so long to catch on.​
    Hawley was head of the TSA from July 2005 to January 2009, and has since written a book about the agency. He was happy to help craft and implement the TSA’s boneheaded policies — such as the Magic Bomb-Proof Plastic Baggie — for years, and got religion only after he left. How convenient.​
    Though he comes off as reasonable and avuncular, claiming that in the battle between civil liberties and security, he comes down on the side of civil liberties, he still defends the TSA and VIPR to the hilt, repeating debunked assertions about the TSA’s infamous voodoo practitioners, and even going so far as to claim that had VIPR teams been at the Boston Marathon, they would likely have prevented the bombing. Never mind that there’s not a shred of evidence to show that VIPR is anything but window dressing; Hawley simply clings to the “I know super secret stuff and you don’t” argument.​
    Anyway, HuffPo video link here.​
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    People have this conception that government employees have this invisible power inside them that makes them somehow different than you or I, that gives them special knowledge and abilities that you and I don't have. Nonsense. They are no different that you or I or your dentist or your doctor or your butcher. They have the same limitations and personal foibles, and are fumbling for answers most the time just like you or I do. Only they are worse in that they feel entitled to force their whims on others at gunpoint.

    But these people think they somehow *do* have special abilities that justify them having access to your crotch and butt and breast, that somehow exempts them from our common governing agreement (the Constitution between the states) that specifically forbids such indiscriminant searching of persons. They can trot out their captive kangaroo court (the so-called "supreme court) to back up their illegal and intrusive behavior, but it remains wrong all the same and the people know it.

    The government employees think they have a *right* to your personal areas. They are no different than King George's occupying soldiers and the people are beginning to realize it.
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    In the case of TSA employees, and especially the VIPR and Behavioral Detection nonsense, I must disagree.

    Your dentist, doctor, and butcher display a level of competence completely outside the grasp of any TSA employee - that's why they have those "jobs," as they're wholly incapable of performing anything resembling real "work."

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