TSA nightmares: Dana Loesch tweets another outrageous account of harassment

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Oct 14, 2012.

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    The complete string of tweets from @DLoesch:

    TSA said I was covered in explosives, took me to a private room and touched my vagina. So how was your day?​

    Despite arriving two hours early, due to TSA molestation I now have no time to eat and am hurrying to gate.​

    Yes. I am completely serious. TSA agent touched my vagina in a private screening area with the front of her hand.​

    They wouldn’t let Chris record. I demanded a public screening and they denied me that. Said that fliers cannot see. No joke.​

    I was denied a public screening by the TSA. They forced me into a private room and what they did would be molestation anywhere else.​

    Phoenix airport TSA. The last time I flew the TSA agent said I should remove my bra because underwire.​

    I was not allowed an additional witness and TSA refused me a public screening. I recited the rules as per their website and still refused.​

    An seriously considering filing a complaint because Phoenix TSA denied me a public screening and witness.​

    And there were no body scanners. They pulled me out of the line for this.​

    We got most of it on video as well.​

    There's more interesting stuff in her Twitter feed (go to @DLoesch directly):

    It gets worse: because they claimed I was tainted with explosives, they halted the line. Behind me was an elderly man who couldn’t walk …​

    …. without a cane. They made him stand. They wouldn’t allow to lean on anything. He was shaking and Chris kept asking for TSA to get him …​

    … a wheelchair. They made him stand there like that for at least 15 minutes until they escorted me away.​

    And ...

    Just landed. Have to get wifi before I can upload vid.​

    Just checked video footage. I have TSA on tape denying me a public screening and shutting the door in my witness’s face.​
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    Oh PLEASE let this get some major press!
  4. RB

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    You already know the outcome of a TSA investigation.
  5. nachtnebel

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    One more genital massage due to a test that is wrong 100% of the time. My compliments to your doofus outfit, Rugape.
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    Hmm, didn't realize "Nazi" was spelled d-o-o-f-u-s nowadays. ;)
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    I'm just a guy who has kept his nose clean, paid taxes, voted, has been a good citizen, raised law abiding kids who are well educated, respectful (ok, much more than me) and will be an asset to our society over many years. Is it too much to ask, Rugape, in return, that neither their genitals, nor mine, nor my wife's, be felt over like this on the basis of a test that NEVER turns up explosives? That yields 100% bad results? That good citizenship NOT be repaid with such molestation?

    Really. Do you want your wife or daughter to be felt up like this on that basis of that test? I really want to know your thought process on this, Rugape. Surely you cannot be content with this. Nobody of good will could possibly be at peace with what is transpiring in this part of the security process.
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  8. I think in many a clerk's mind, these are the things they have to do to protect people like you. :rolleyes:
  9. nachtnebel

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    They are assaulting and harming people for no good reason. Take a look at those clerkettes in the Dana Loesch video. Do they look like they expect to find anything other than female parts down there? No. It's a joke. I might expect chicken brains like those two clerkettes to think as you say, but Rugape knows better. A lot of the screening clerks are smart enough to know better. They have no excuse.
  10. Except, Rugape is of the camp that says, "Sure there are problems in the way we do things, but if I didn't do this job, some very bad person would. So I'll keep doing this offensive job, but I'll make sure to do it politely, with a smile on my face." I've seen a number of these types of folks posting around the internet. In their own bass-ackward way, they also think they are doing this to protect you. Again, :rolleyes:.
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    Does Rugape feel over men's genitals in the private hut? I think that is not part of his job from what he has said in the past. But he is there, as part of the security apparatus at his airport that DOES do these things, working alongside the men who do this, alongside the female clerks who do probe the genitals of other women on account of a swab test that is 100% worthless, something that does lasting harm to some or many of the victims. It is probably impossible for men to understand the extent of the impact that this kind of act has on women, as we're so different. I'm just curious about his perception of this particular part of the security process.
  12. RB

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    It's not, it's spelled TSA.
  13. Caradoc

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    "TSAsi." Pronounced "Stasi."
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    She posted the video as promised.

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    No, he manages it. He ensures that peoples genitals are fondled good.

    In my mind that's worse. What decent person thinks poking around in people's drawers is good security?
  16. barbell

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    They clearly denied her a witness of her choosing, who was available and ready to go. Clearly proper procedures were followed.

    Oh, and note near the beginning the American flag flanking the private hut. Oh, the irony... :td:
  17. Just as a reminder, Dana Loesch has publicized the private room gropings before. She seems to be a private room groping activist, bringing to light the practice.

    I'm lacking patience for this :trash: today, so I'd like to add, also, that I hope those two gropenfrauen rot in (expletive deleted).
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  18. nachtnebel

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    Two nurse Ratcheds without the medical education.
  19. Frank

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    Nina Hartley is an RN. Just sayin'.
  20. Fisher1949

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    Your age is showing. Nina Hartley probably needs an RN by now.;)

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