TSA observers report "a lot of unfocused standing around" at Newark (roll eyes now!)

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    "A lot of unfocused standing around?" No :trash:, Jose!

    Star Ledger: TSA observers note violations, even trivial, by Newark airport screeners

    Some of the so-called violations seemed downright trivial: a Newark airport screener wearing Nike sneakers on the job; other screeners chewing gum while monitoring passengers.

    But others were not so amusing: screeners having personal chats while they were supposed to be screening passengers; a document checker who failed to look at a passenger’s travel documents and a lot of unfocused standing around.

    The violations of standard operating procedures set for the Transportation Security Administration employees were recorded by undercover observers at Newark Liberty International Airport in June.
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    EWR, the poster child for everything wrong with TSA.
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    And that's the part they could SEE.
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    not sure I object to improper "pat downs" per se. depends on which type:
    1. rubdown deliberately avoids sex organs and obscene butt rubbing = good
    2. rubdown that involves any contact with sex organs and excessive butt contact = bad.
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    Has TSA taken a public suggestion (Trollkiller?) and placed some secret shoppers on the payroll?
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    I fear that the "improper" part was avoiding genital/butt rubbing.
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