TSA offering some intimidation for Opt-Out Week participants?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Washington Examiner: TSA issues holiday warning to ‘Opt Out and Film’ privacy rights activists

    The Transportation Security Agency sent out a message to privacy activists planning to opt out of TSA’s “nudie scanner” screenings and film the TSA’s optional patdown process.


    The TSA signaled today that they are aware of the protest, and may be prohibited from filming in their location.

    “We’re also aware of the Opt Out and Film week, where some are planning on opting out of the body scanner and then filming their experience,” said TSA spokesman Bob Burns in a statement today.

    Burns added that while the TSA, “does not prohibit photographs at screening locations, local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances may.”

    By now one has to conclude that "Blogdad Bob" is one of the dumbest bloggers on the planet. The same U.S. Constitution that prohibits TSA from harassing photographers also extends to state and local jursidictions.

    The blather quoted above was followed by some typical mumbo-jumbo about TSA's "high standards of professionalism". :td:
  2. The blog post didn't seem intimidating to me, except perhaps as a kind of "bring it on" message, signalling that they won't be turning off all the machines this time. It really seemed like an attempt to downplay the significance of Opt Out and Film Week. Like "Whatever, no big, do what you want with your little protest." That part about photography could very well be straight ignorance -- a majority of frontline TSA employees don't seem to know that filming is legal without any exceptions. Why would Blogger Bob know any better? He wasn't even smart enough to keep that one illegal search for drugs off the weekly round-up of gotcha moments. Remember, the one RB busted him for?
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    So many seem "ignorant" that my feeling is that it's policy -- they say one thing on the web site but train their perverts to do otherwise.
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    Stupid TSA is going to screw themselves again. By causing more controversies and keeping themselves in the news. What great allies they are...
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    Good article ...

    Info Wars: TSA Issues Warning Over Opt Out And Film Week: Hints that local police can arrest protesters using cameras at checkpoints

    The TSA has officially acknowledged the Infowars Opt Out And Film week protest, and warned that despite the fact it is not prohibited to film at TSA checkpoints, local laws may allow police to intervene and prevent such activity.


    Recording police officers and TSA agents (public servants) is perfectly legal. However, Americans are still being arrested for doing so, and the establishment media is enthusiastically perpetuating the hoax that such conduct is unlawful, even though in doing so they are completely eroding protections that guarantee press freedom.

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