Arrested TSA Employee TSA officer charged with terrorizing, domestic violence

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    Add another to the list.
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    • Integrity:
    • We are a people of integrity who respect and care for others and protect the information we handle.
    • We are a people who conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times.
    • We are a people who gain strength from the diversity in our cultures.
    Sounds like two out of three are not true of this TSA employee.

    edit to add:

    In his previous domestic violence case, Jensen was charged with simple assault last September after he allegedly pushed a woman against the wall and grabbed her arm, causing bruising. He also was accused of pushing a 12-year-old child to the ground, injuring the child’s ankle.
    The state agreed to defer prosecution for one year if Jensen followed certain conditions, including following the recommendations of an alcohol and drug evaluation. He also was required to remain law abiding.
    The agreement, dated Nov. 9 and signed by Jensen and Benson County State’s Attorney James Wang, noted that Jensen had successfully completed an anger management program in the past.
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    Another TSA screener has been charged with a crime. Not only assault (which by now we’ve practically come to expect), but also “terrorizing.”
    Isn’t the TSA supposed to protect us from terrorism?
    Robert Don Jensen, age 40, of Brinsmade, North Dakota was charged last week with felony terrorizing, assault, and ingestion of a controlled substance. He allegedly got into a fight with his roommate, pushed him around, and threatened him with a gun. As of this writing, he still remains in the local lock-up and he still remains employed by the TSA.
    This isn’t Jensen’s first brush with the law. Last year he assaulted a woman and a 12-year-old child.
    None of that, of course, interfered with his duties of pawing people and rifling through their luggage, which he’s been doing at Devils Lake Regional Airport since 2004, two years after he first joined the TSA.
    Oh, well, what’s a little shoving match between friends? Don’t worry — if he remains employed by the TSA and shoves you at the airport, it’ll just prove he’s your friend!
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    He's obviously a victim of poor pre-employment counseling -- just give him the right badge & send him to the border.
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    He must be an excellent TSA employee, the report claims he is a supervisory transportation security officer, STSO.
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    I really wish the media would stop using the TSA's self-appropriated title of "officer" for the (expletive deleted) who willingly accept a paycheck in return for training Americans not to question the authority of anyone in a cop costume.
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    I agree. It's infuriating to read my Facebook/Twitter feeds and see news articles saying "officer" this, "officer" that.

    I used to always try to set them straight in comments but they just don't get it.
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    In my lawsuit, the TSA has actually argued that TSOs are not really "officers," because if they are, there's more liability.

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    As I recall, they also argued that TSA screening clerks don't really have the authority to search anything.
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    Of course he's an excellent employee! :rolleyes: He just needs to resist the temptation to bring his job home with him in the evening and do extra work off the clock.
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