TSA officers go to college to learn to counter terrorism [FLL, PBI, MIA]

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  1. Mike

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    More three-course wonders coming soon to a Florida airport near you ...

    Sun Sentinel: TSA officers go to college to learn to counter terrorism

    They've always been on the lookout for dangerous people and weapons. Now 70 security officers at South Florida's three major airports are getting college credit for learning to be extra alert. "We're being taught how terrorists are adapting and getting more sneaky," said Jonathan Torlage, a Transportation Security Administration officer based at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

    The TSA officers either have completed or are enrolled in a college-level program that focuses on Homeland Security strategies to counter terrorism. They include 20 officers at the Fort Lauderdale airport, 25 at Miami International and 25 at Palm Beach International Airport. The training makes the airports safer, said Sari Koshetz, TSA spokeswoman. "Our workforce is the frontline in the fight against terrorism," she said. "Studying the details of past terrorist attacks gives our workforce more tools."

    Torlage, of Tamarac, said he already is familiar with potential threats; a few years ago, a man set off an explosive detection machine, prompting the evacuation of a terminal. "It ended up that the gentleman worked in demolition with high explosives, so he had explosive residue all over him," said Torlage, who has been with the TSA for seven years.

    I'll be you really :poop:ed your pants! And he wasn't even a real terrorist. :eek:

    The TSA is paying the tuition costs, allowing local officers to attend either Broward College, Miami-Dade College or Palm Beach State College. The program, which takes more than a year to complete, includes three courses that dig into counter-terrorism measures and intelligence gathering. "We picked instructors who are specifically skilled in these areas and each of the professors have tried to make the course especially relevant to the TSA officers and to the job that they do," said Elaine F. Cohen, associate dean of the Institute of Public Safety at Broward College.

    So now in addition to fending off herds of bogus mind readers, Florida travelers will have to cope with legions of inept undertrained Sean Connery wannabes. :rolleyes:
  2. nachtnebel

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    I would rather they be sent to study the US Constitution under the tutelage of the Rutherford Institute. That and charm school. The rest of the courses listed here are a waste of time and money.
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  3. Isn't she the same mouthpiece who told the media not to report on the Jon Corbett sewing kit blind spot in the scanners? I'll bet they don't teach about that in these "college" courses.
  4. RB

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    Are TSA duties really counter-terrorism? I think not. Inspection methods. Possibly some training on IED's and possible components. But really counter-terrorism?
  5. saulblum

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    Kind of how every small-town cop is now on the front lines of the War on Terror.

    Heck, given the anthrax attacks of 2001, I suppose all letter carriers are now on the front lines too. I bet they feel pretty pissed off that DHS isn't sending them to school for their homeland security certificate.
  6. saulblum

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    Poor guy. I don't want to know his alarm was resolved.
  7. nachtnebel

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    I'm not sure, but I've heard he's pregnant.
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  8. Caradoc

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    Doesn't say much for any college doing this, other than federal funding tasting so sweet to the comptroller.

    I don't even want to think about how low they had to set admissions standards to let most of those idiot wastrels into the classrooms.
  9. Mike

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    These are "community" colleges -- if you're breathing,you're overqualified.
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  10. Caradoc

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    That hasn't always been true. I remember when even "community" colleges had standards.

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