Arrested TSA Employee TSA officers jailed for stealing $40,000 in cash from a passenger's bag

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jan 11, 2012.

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    That story is the worst we've heard yet, IMHO. Did you read how they did it? They "tagged" the bag when the TSA guy saw the cash via x-ray, then another guy yanked the cash and they split the money in the bathroom.

    What would you happen to you or me if we stole $40,000 from the government?

    We wouldn't see daylight again for a long time.

    But if the government is stealing from individuals, I guess it's no big deal.
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    AND abuse of government position, and security privileges.

    "Persad's attorney has said his client understands he made a mistake and wishes to move on with his life."

    I'm sure so do most other thieves who are convicted too.
    Anyone want to venture to see if BlabberBlah will cover this?
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    "It looked like a big green cupcake, honest!"
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    It was hidden in a jar of frosting. Thankfully the children who were flying that day were saved.
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    It's too bad the TSA doesn't fall under the UCMJ. I'd call it "abandoning one's post in time of war," and let 'em dance to Danny Deever.
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    This explains TSA's BS about 'reviewing tapes', doesn't it?

    In a recent case, a box with cremated remains was opened and damaged. TSA allegedly reviewed the tapes and even showed them to the family to 'prove' that the problem had to be a DL baggage handler.


    At the time, I thought the x-ray tech had cued someone farther down the line, out of camera sight, to open the bag.

    Read a post somewhere else about this sort of two-man shenanigan. The guy at the x-ray would mark the bags with something desirable - chalkmarks indicated what was in the bag and the location (think it was something like 'E' for electronics, etc). Later in the bag's journey (out of sight of the cameras, presumably), another member of the team would open the bag and remove the goods. Supposedly if you go to the 'lost luggage' facilities, you will sometimes see bags with these marks still on them. (Of course, not all rifled bags end up permanently lost).
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    Who is the enemy we, the passengers, need to be safe from again?
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  9. Such a good question.
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    They may yet. What's the over/under on one or both getting the shiv? Somehow I don't believe their fellow inmates will care about the fine line between screening clerk and cop.
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    That would be the Department of Homeland Security, which I still say sounds better in the original German.
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