TSA official charged with DUI

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    If you're going to call someone an "officer" then you have to live with the damage to your organization's credibility that results when your "official" misbehaves. Real officers do commit indiscretions from time to time, but phony "officers" are so much more likely to create embarrassment for the organization that mis-characterizes their employees' characters and qualifications.

    PS: Yes, ROTFLMFAO again.
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    Meet your female assist. :eek:
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    In 2011 TSA averaged one arrest every 6 days. Looks as though they're right on time in 2012.


    A Department of Homeland Security officer was arrested for drunk driving after Groveland police reportedly saw her driving on the wrong side of the highway on New Year's Day.

    Cynthia Ortiz, a Transportation Security Administration officer from West Palm Beach, actually got a break from police, who waived a wrong-way driving charge even though she was not very cooperative.

    According to an arrest affidavit, police stopped Ortiz at about 4:30 a.m. after she was observed driving on the wrong side of State Road 50. Upon questioning, she immediately wanted to know why she was being stopped.
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    Arrogant !
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    She got a break? WHY???

    I wonder if she pulled "Do you know who I am?!!" bit.
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    Think I would drink if I had to work for TSA.
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    She looks really PO'd; I'd rather have Ron juggle my frank & beans. :eek::p
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    Oh, this is rich!

    If one were to demand (speaking from personal experience) why one is being questioned, or detained, or searched longer, the answer is somewhere along the lines of:

    don't you want to be safe?!?!!?
    it's not your right to know.

    Well, "officer" :rolleyes:rtiz, the reason you're being stopped is for everyone else's safety, you chose to get behind the wheel of your car drunk, and you shouldn't be driving today. Idiot.
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    Oh, and thanks, Mike, for the future nightmares.

    You could've just posted a link...
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    I'D rather Ron and her juggle each other's *cough cough* and I be faaaaaaaar away.
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    But mugshots are public records. We have to take every advantage of what the copyright laws allow. :D
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    She is "no kidding" scary.

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