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  1. Monica47

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    Considering the TSA seldom holds their employees accountable for anything they do unless it's so blatant they can't ignore it, I think many TSA's are just unmotivated to learn about or retain just what rights passengers or bystanders have at the airport. They feel they can say anything anyway they want to passengers, confiscate any harmless item they choose whether it's on the list of banned items or not and threaten passengers with not being able to fly and absolutely nothing will happen to them - they'll still keep their jobs whether they are informed or not of any rules and regulations of the TSA or the particular airport they are working. In order to follow a basic policy you have to understand a basic policy and mental geniuses most of the TSA are not and if you add in little or no oversight you've got a recipe for disaster. Paul Sanchez's numerous encounters with TSA and airport employees makes it perfectly clear that not many of them know much of anything when it comes to doing their jobs properly.
  2. RB

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    So your saying that TSA management is both stupid and ignorant.
  3. Caradoc

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    Not just the management.
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  4. Monica47

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    If the TSA cannot train their employees in something so simple as "do not harass passengers with cameras," why does anyone think they're capable of anything more complicated?

    This is what scares me the most. What are they going to do if ever there IS a credible threat? Will they recognize it and if they do what will they do? Do they know what to do? They are charged with protecting passengers but would they? And considering all the times airports have been shut down for what turned out to be nothing, would passengers simply think it's just the incompetent TSA panicking again over nothing?
  5. KrazyKat

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    "Abuse of discretion"
    a culture that tolerates 'whatever-you-can-get-away-with'

    Rhetorical questions for an agency with SOP for handling our dangerous-dangerous-5oz liquid-potential incendiaries by LOBBING THEM ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER IN GARBAGE CANS. Leaving others on heaters...

    Great that the Lenic video has gone viral.^
  6. RB

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    Perhaps Rugape can address this question. I'm sure he will have a completely useless response as usual.
  7. Rugape

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    There are several examples of what is supposed to happen already out there. Any time you have an evacuation/checkpoint closure/breach reaction it gives you an idea of what is supposed to happen with a "real" threat. Any time you have something that is identified as a possible dangeruos item, the reactions are supposed to be the same as if the item were real. I think if something that was a dangerous item (read explosives) were found, it would be pretty close to what we see happen with unknown items that turn out to be nothing dangerous. In my case, there would be no change in how we react, the SOP outlines what the TSOs are supposed to do, what the management is supposed to do and there would be little variance in the case of a real item. The big changes would come when they actually determine that the item is a live explosive that has to be disposed of by EOD. Usually that involves water cannons and dudes in bomb suits and such. Other than the end result, the process is the same.
  8. barbell

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    Thanks, Rugape, that is a very insightful answer.

    After all, since the responses should all be the same, I wonder why an item that "looked nefarious" to TSA's :rolleyes:fficers sailed right through a checkpoint at LAX, and then later that same day resulted in the arrest of a perfectly innocent person.

    It would appear that TSA's stupidity knows no bounds.
  9. Monica47

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    The big changes would come when they actually determine that the item is a live explosive that has to be disposed of by EOD.

    And how exactly would they "determine" that?
  10. Caradoc

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    Having watched the actions of TSA "workers" during terminal dumps, I observe lackadaisical attitudes, and get the feeling they all know that they're just going through the motions to make the sheep believe they're being "protected."

    The ones that aren't stupid are lazy and/or evil.
  11. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I still question, and I think it is a valid line of questioning, is how can TSA expect these employees to react correctly if they find suspected explosives/weapons but they can't even teach these same people what ID's are acceptable or that photography is not a problem.

    Let's be serious, people who have trouble with ID cards are expected to know what makes up a bomb? I don't think so!
  12. N965VJ

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    I'm sure the food and retail shops upstairs were pleased that Doug Myers had cut off a portion of their customer base when he arbitrarily decided that only ticketed passengers were allowed there. :rolleyes:

    The paperwork and insurance requirements are for commercial film productions. You can't have people tripping over a power cord for a light because a gaffer didn't secure it right. The Doug Meyers' of the world are just going to have to get used to the fact that practically everybody has the capability to shoot video on the fly (pun intended). :D I just read this morning that Samsung will be rolling out a new phone handset next year with a 13 megapixel camera.

    It's too bad this movie about a dorky TSA employee that hooks up with a hot chick was made before the Nude-O-Scopes and Petting Zoos. It was rated R for sexual content after all. :p

  13. Rugape

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    Actually "live" is not necessarily an apt description, the correct terminology would be "unable to determine if it is live or not" or "live", and the next level of clearing would have to take place. That is usually a decision made by TSSEs (TSSE = Transportation Security Specialist - Explosives) that work for TSA - there may be cases where local LEOs make the determination in the absence of TSSEs.

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