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    A Miami business man filed the first ever lawsuit (.pdf) against the Terrorist Support Agency's new and "improved" scope and grope procedures in November 2010. In it he calls for a relief injunction to end the more invasive screening procedures that are now commonplace in America's airports. His aim is to keep the lawsuit in the US District Court so that the procedures undergo full discovery, evidence, and jury findings.

    Unsurprisingly, TSA responded that the matter should go through its own kangaroo court in the Appellate system. In so doing, the outcome is likely predisposed in TSA's favor, no evidence can be presented, and a jury will not hear findings of fact.

    A brief timeline follows that we'll keep updated as the proceedings progress. You may also follow developments by reading the blog he publishes about the case.
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    Reserved, just in case.
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    Thanks for covering me. :) Jon Corbett here, of Corbett v. US. To update, right now we're in the middle of an appeal with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. My appellate brief has been filed, and we're waiting on the US attorney's office to reply. The appeal is on the dismissal of the case for lack of jurisdiciton, basically as barbell described. The details of the case are all in the blog, including the actual appellate brief, which spells out where we are quite clearly if you're interested.


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