TSA Pervs Gone WILD!

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    I came across this last year. It is an old report written for the FAA and discusses how the scanners and groping could be implemented. It was predicted that women would react more to the privacy issues. See page 44

    There is a lot of information in this and anyone with an interest may want to save the pdf of the page. This has been in the works for years and it is interesting that the report discusses the likelihood that the airline and security firm could be sued for storing the naked images (pg 42). Obviously it would be tougher to sue a government agency so perhaps the airlines and private screening firms aren't that upset with the TSA takeover.

    This is a chilling glimpse into the workings of an out of control government.
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    That is an interesting piece. Interesting that TSA blew off its suggestions that touching pax would be found to be unaccceptable by pax and no amount of public pr and indoctrination would change this. The same applied to being seen naked. Interesting. Not able to be changed. The TSA is trying to clamp down and muzzle, change, manipulate the greatest and most stubborn incarnate force in the world, human nature. Got that you TSA freaks? You will not win this. You are destined for the trash heap of history.

    Yes i agree with Fisher that to hear such things discussed with NO considerations of the morality of these approaches is chilling. This is what evil is, folks.
    Although the future is going to be rocky indeed, the crumbling power of centralized governments that we are witnessing here and in Europe holds out hope of the greater weight of power returning to local governments, where it belongs. A local government responsive to its people could never impose such an evil practice as the TSA's nude searches and body gropes.
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    Thank you so much, Fisher1949. Given that I am my own legal intern on these matters, this piece is very helpful.
    I found it incredibly telling that even after the danger of groping for PTSD assault victims was made known to TSA, and by rape-crisis leaders in direct meeting with Pistole, there was a deliberate choice made to maintain the forcible groping. TSA has thereby assumed the risk for the invasive pat-downs it does in the name of the US.
    Thank you for posting this for the clear information and insight it reveals.

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