Video TSA Phoenix airport "freeze drill"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Sep 25, 2012.

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    How many people keep walking? Bonus points for use of "the finger" at the pedosmurf.
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    5 flights this past week and I was so hoping to encounter a "Freeze" or Smurf wanting to test my bottled water. I was so hoping...
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    I'm wondering: What the purpose of this "drill"?
    I'm wondering: Could it be that the the smurfs are made to execute these drills as punishment for failing a "Red Team" test?
    I'm wondering: Do the smurfs execute these drills simply because it lets them execute their power over passengers, and makes them feel like "real" officers?
    I'm wondering this as I am wondering through the airport, oblivious to the orders barked by the smurfs in blue ("FREEZE!") because I have removed my hearing aids and locked them securely in my carry-on bag to keep them from being pilfered by...who knows who?
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    This article discusses the purported purpose ....

    Phoenix New Times: TSA "Freeze" Drill Video'd at Sky Harbor; Passengers Exiting Checkpoint Told to Stay Put

    Nico Melendez, regional spokesman for the TSA, tells New Times that the drills help TSA personnel prepare for a breach of security at the checkpoint. If TSA employees perceive a threat in the checkpoint, they need to get immediate control of the area, Melendez explains. The TSA doesn't want a potential suspect walking away or mingling with the travelers just leaving the checkpoint, so the passengers just beyond the checkpoint are halted, he says.

    Never mind that TSA has zero authority to detain people. New Times' retort to Nico:

    Eventually, airport travelers will become so accustomed to following TSA orders without hesitation, they'll not only be able to "stay," but to sit and roll over on command, too.
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    One of these days, they're going to pull one of these "drills" and then lay hands on a passenger who doesn't want to play. The smurf will be handcuffed to the stretcher as he is taken to the ER.
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    Only if that appendage isnt in a splint (isolating or traction) or is a rubber chicken due to chemical restraints.
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    Anyone who fidgeted or made a step forward got yelled at.

    And those were the consequences? You get yelled at?

    It's probably good that I stopped flying. I just don't see me stopping because someone might yell at me.
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    I'd keep on walking and dared them to touch me as a Level 1 (expletive deleted) Whoopin would be issued post haste.
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    I couldn't resist. I'd have to keep walking.

    Let them yell. Let them scream. Let them go nuts. And then let's see if they *really* try and arrest people for failure to comply with their insane, inane rules.

    Please - someone tell me - what specific enabling legislation exists giving these morons the authority to demand I "freeze" when I'm not under suspicion for illegal activity?
  14. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    We have another not-a-new-story but one that many people still haven’t heard yet and for which there’s a new video that’s making the rounds. And lucky us, we can see the TSA’s foray into Saturday morning cartoon territory.​
    The UK newspaper The Daily Mail has picked up a story that the New York Times reported last year; namely, that TSA agents occasionally order people to freeze on command.​
    In a first-person account aptly titled “Playing Simon Says at Airport Security,” the NYT’s Joe Sharkey related the surreal experience of watching countless obedient people freezing in place while the TSA barked commands. Even more surreal, another passenger, through clenched teeth, commanded Sharkey to freeze when he didn’t immediately comply.​
    So we have fellow citizens doing the TSA’s dirty work for them.​
    In case you’re wondering, TSA agents do not have the authority to order you to “freeze.” Yet in the two times Sharkey experienced this little game and in the vi deo published by the Daily Mail, everyone dutifully froze in place, including people who were already well past the checkpoint but were merely within hearing distance.​
    I try to be sympathetic to my fellow man, but it’s getting harder and harder, when they demonstrate so clearly that they’re willing to do anything and everything a figure of authority tells them to do, no matter how abusive, egregious, or just plain stupid that thing is.​
    Obedience training, anyone?​
    (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/A. Roger Davies)
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    And what specific legislation allows these same morons to feel up the traveling public just because they want to fly?
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    I'm not the only one who lives and works in big metropolitan cities where they are crazies yelling everything and anything on the streets, it's conditioned me to ignore yelling and keep about my own business.
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    Last thing you want to do is look one of the crazies in the eye. Best to keep on walking.

    Same goes for when you're out on the street.
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    As usual, TSA lies ...

    My Fox Phoenix: Video of TSA drill at Sky Harbor goes viral

    The video was recorded by passenger George Prepared.

    "But there was a palpable sense of fear because we had no idea why this was happening," Prepard said.

    Prepared said he was only able to capture the last 24 seconds of the roughly 2 minute event.

    The TSA did not respond to FOX 10's request for comment Sunday, but in published reports, a spokesperson called it a "stop-all" drill, to prepare personnel in case of a security breach at the checkpoint.

    "If they're going to do something that is a drill or a test then you have to be told you're going to be part of some sort of test," Prepared said.

    In published reports, the TSA claims passengers are told about the drill in advance and are thanked for their patience.

    No alert or thank you was heard in this video.
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