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    In the news recently was a story of San Juan, Puerto Rico airport employees being arrested for moving large amounts of drugs through the airport to the mainland United States.​
    From the report, the drugs were introduced by airport/airline employees who routinely enter airport secure areas without any TSA screening. These employees brought in large amounts of drugs, handing them off to ticketed passengers who had already been screened. Other airport/airline employees brought suitcases of drugs in by vehicle and other means and loaded these bags directly onto planes, again bypassing all TSA screening.​
    Now, it’s not the TSA’s job to interdict drug trafficking (in fact, TSA screeners have no right to search for drugs, or illegal immigrants, or cash, etc.). But this report demonstrates a glaring security hole that the TSA has refused to address. And the problem is not limited to San Juan.​
    Who knows what else these people might have placed aboard airplanes? The TSA doesn’t know since TSA policy doesn’t call for the screening of all people who enter the sterile areas of airports.​
    Every day thousands of people enter the terminal and flight line areas of this nation’s airports without any screening of any kind. They walk or drive in and the TSA is nowhere to be found.​
    So while the TSA is fondling children and other innocent people who don’t present any danger to airplanes, thousands of people who could present a danger are allowed unrestricted access to those airplanes. (Let’s not even mention that most of the cargo still goes unscreened.)​
    The TSA is too busy degrading the people who keep the airlines in business. The TSA is too busy using electronic strip-search machines that irradiate people with dangerous x-rays.​
    You don’t have to be a security professional to figure out that if the TSA allows thousands of people to access our airports without screening, then all of the other things the agency is doing is for naught. It, in Bruce Schneier’s accurate term, security theater.​
    I have to ask TSA Administrator John Pistole: how does not screening thousands of people improve my safety?​
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