TSA postpones new knife rule

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    Proving once again that a bumbling bureaucracy is responsive as long as The Right People are squawking, the TSA has decided to delay implementation of the new rule about knives.
    Have no fear, though. You, the Little People, still don’t mean anything.
    The new rule about little knives (which are now, have been, and will continue to get on planes anyway) was scheduled to go into effect on April 25th. Now, however, it will be delayed. To when exactly we know not.
    Methinks it was because the airlines squawked that the change is being postponed, though plenty of flight attendants are still unhappy.
    Maybe if thousands of people were up in arms about being robbed and sexually assaulted at the checkpoint we could put an end to the strip-search scanners and gropes, too. Ah well, a gal can dream.
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    This is perhaps more a case of Chuckie Schumer smelling a photo-op.

    Bloomberg Business Week: Senators Ask for IG Probe of TSA’s Decision on Knives

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration, after backing off a move to end the ban on passengers carrying pocket knives onto airplanes, may face an inspector general’s investigation into its decision-making. The probe was requested by Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, and Senator Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, in a letter to Department of Homeland Security Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards today. “We write to request that your office closely scrutinize TSA’s process on this critical matter going forward and complete a comprehensive special review before the change is implemented,” Schumer and Murkowski wrote.
  3. There's great irony in Murkowski getting worked up about the knife rule. There is an intrastate airlines here in AK that has no security. Did you know? Small planes, more than nine passengers. I'm sure Murkowski herself has flown on it. This airline bypasses TSA completely, pocket knives unmolested. And so far all the planes that have fallen out of the sky have been due to weather and conditions, not knives.
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    How not to run an Agency, Chapter VC:
  5. A measuring device is pretty ridiculous too, though. Imagine how that would snarl the line, if a bunch of pocket knives had to be measured. Plus, I'm sure there's be a fair number of sliced fingers while the clerks tried to figure out the ins and outs of the more tricky knives and multi-purpose tools.
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    So the task was to complex for the highly trained TSA screeners. Figures!
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    It's not as though they wouldn't be screening knives. The snarl is a given. Introducing a new decision to be made by the TSOs is a problem guarantee.
    Everything about TSA is ridiculous.
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    The most dangerous place in the world is between the Cereal Killer and a camera.
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