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  1. So how are you all going to approach commenting? I haven't had a chance to read the thing, but from what I read of it I'm puzzled as to where to begin with a comment. What would I even be commenting on exactly?
  2. CelticWhisper

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    I had read somewhere that there was no limit to the number of comments a person may submit.

    If this is true, then perhaps a series of well-written and tightly-focused comments would work best.
  3. RB

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    I think we should focus on a couple of points. One, Backscatter or any other x-ray emitter should never be used for human screening. Two, the WBI machines were not tested as claimed by TSA and the cites are available for posting.


    Next point, WBI machines do not detect dangerous items. They detect all things when they work which is only about 50% of the time. TSA claims that WBI reduce the need for pat downs, but that is clearly not true since anything alerting during WBI screening requires a pat down to resolve, sweat, paper in a pocket, a medical device or any other item.

    Privacy trumps security. Electronic strip searches are invasive even if the machine resolves the image. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are more important than the very low chance that someone is trying to use an airplane as a weapon. With Locked Cockpit Doors and an increased awareness by travelers of security issues only a fool would try to hijack an airplane.

    The use of WTMD and ETD will find all metallic weapons and non-metallic explosives at a highly reduced cost to taxpayers. Three things, baggage x-ray, WTMD, and ETD reduces the likelihood of a weapon getting on board an airplane to almost zero chances.

    TSA claims of terrorist testing security daily is unsubstantiated. TSA is trying to protect the agency and its power over the people, not protecting the public from terrorist.

    TSA as currently deployed is a complete failure as a passenger and cargo screening agency.

    These are just a few points I intend to cover. You guys are more than welcome to borrow, add to, and share with anyone you like.
  4. Fisher1949

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    Here's what I wrote:

    TSA has rushed into a $250 million mistake that has violated the 4th Amendment, exposed passengers to unnecessary radiation, created child pornography and led to countless women being humiliated and harassed.

    TSA is removing and scrapping over $40 million in nearly new x-ray scanners and replacing them with millimeter wave units.

    TSA will dismiss passenger complaints but they cannot ignore the fact that other governments have deemed these devices useless and ineffective.

    Scanners ruled out for NI prison searches after pilot.
    BBC News - February 13, 2013
    A prison service evaluation report says the scanners detected just 57% of test items. The items not detected include a knife and scissors. "It increases the risk and compromises the security of the prison, its introduction in my view would be wholly unacceptable," he added.

    Body scanners a failure, German police union says
    The Local - Germany’s News in English - August 1, 2011
    The Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday that the scanners were sounding alerts 70 percent of the time, according to an internal report. The test run at Hamburg had also demonstrated that the body scanners slowed down rather than sped up passenger screening because of the high rate of false alarms.

    Israel: Scanners rejected because blind spots allow explosives to be smuggled
    Israeli National News April 25, 2010
    Rafi Sela, former chief of security at the Israel Airport Authority warned US lawmakers, “I don't know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines,” Sela commented. “I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.

    Child Porn Fears Block Under 18s From Full Body Scanners
    The Daily Mail - October 18, 2009
    Airport security personnel in British airports have been barred from scanning passengers under 18 years old because new devices breach child pornography laws.
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  5. RB

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    Good stuff but it doens't mention how more pat downs result with use of the WBI.

    Pat downs of children, elders and everyone inbetween.
  6. Fisher1949

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that the comment page is word limited. The above is all it would allow.

    You can comment multiple times, as I intend to do, and cover other aspects such as the groping more comprehensively.
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    This court, this case. All the more reason to point out the 'option' is more invasive than AIT, let alone that for millions of innocent travelers the patdown is non-optional. :rolleyes:
    Have fun. Skewer every argument.:D
  8. Mike

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    Do we roll up our shirt sleeves and fight it, or do we let them dig their own grave deeper?

    Remember that they are trying to pass themselves off as the "gold standard" (their own words) of airport security in the international arena while relying on an inferior technology that has been rejected by Israel, Germany and Ireland, in the latter two cases after MMW technology flubbed field trials. My recollection is that Italy also received some MMW units but decided not to bother based on experiences elsewhere.

    Lack of opt out will result in even fewer people flying and probably some nasty confrontations at the check points.
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    Is removing opt-outs a back channel way to get more FFs into PreCheck? I'll just stand in the body scanner and when they ask me to raise my arms, I'll say I can't. Good luck to any TSA employee that tries to play doctor.
  10. RB

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    I've been working on a direction for my response. Tell me what you think of this concept. The Strip Search machines only detect anomolies per TSA. TSA Administrative searches are limited to a search for WEI only. So use of WBI is a general search, exceeds the boundaries of Administrative search doctrine, and violates the 4th amendment of the Constitution.
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    ^ Very good! I think that fits the definition of "capricious and arbitrary"!
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    Tell me I'm not crazy - did not the blog have up a thread about the comment period just about 2 hours ago? It's gone now. Wonder why.
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    Sounds good to me, RB. As you seem to be doing, we need to use the term WBI or Whole Body Imaging rather than AIT and whatever that stands for.
  14. RB

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    Not crazy. There was a posting with two responses, all gone. Wonder if there is a page archieve available to recover the page?
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  16. RB

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    Our questions about the missing thread are posted.
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    The thread itself is gone yet our comments about it were posted. Very strange.
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    Suspect it was suppose to be Fridays puppy post or just perhaps my question about the Strip Search Machine being a broad general search caught someones attention.
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    TSA News wrote about it this morning -- there's now a thread on it here at TUG:

  20. RB

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    Saw it. Our Doober wrote the piece for TSA News.

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