TSA Proposed Rule as directed by court is out

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Mar 23, 2013.

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    I edited my comment after I posted it 'cause I realized I'd added wrong - nothing new for me. :oops:
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    Numbers matter here, the more comments that get submitted the better.

    I've been absent for awhile, but I'm back. We still have till the 24th of June to get in as many as possible. Twitter and Reddit are great places to campaign. Do we, as a site, have a strategy for upping the numbers?
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    KrazyKat composed an email that I sent to all TUGgers who indicated mods & admins could email them. That was about a month & a half ago.

    Nobody took me up on the offer to send one out at T-60 days & T-30 days, but that's still on the table. Compose a reasonable message on the subject (you or anyone) & I will reformat it as HTML & send it out to several hundred members.

    I added Reddit link to the bottom of the thread display a few days ago. I plan to add it to the sidebar.

    As a rough guess, the TSA News Blog gets about 4X our traffic these days, so their articles would be good ones for Reddit, Digg, etc.
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    For such messages, the KISS principal should apply, but if you can structure a simple campaign (you mentioned Reddit & Twitter) & use the messages to enlist TUGgers in your campaign, that would also be legit for the mass email (as well as just asking people to get off their duffs & submit comments).
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    Just thinking out loud, by product of what I've been coping w/ all weekend: We should also force the email thru SpamAssassin & try to keep its score low.
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    Okay, this is all good. I'll compose a message and get it to you within the next couple of days.

    We should all be reaching out to our personal networks networks as well and get those folks to also send in comments.
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  8. Fisher1949

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    I was going to post this at TSA News as the close date nears and still may but here is something assembled from posts in this thread.

    For those who wish to voice their objections to this ineffective waste of taxpayer funds, below are a few citations of instance where these scanners were criticized not by lowly passengers, but instead by Government officials.

    Scanners ruled out for NI prison searches after pilot.
    BBC News 13 February 2013
    A prison service evaluation report says the scanners detected just 57% of test items. The items not detected include a knife and scissors.
    He said the equipment that he witnessed in operation did not detect "metal objects, mobile phones, or batteries the way in which a full body search would". "It increases the risk and compromises the security of the prison, its introduction in my view would be wholly unacceptable," he added.

    Body scanners a failure, German police union says
    The Local - Germany’s News in English August 1, 2011
    The Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday that the scanners were sounding alerts 70 percent of the time, according to an internal report.
    The test run at Hamburg had also demonstrated that the body scanners slowed down rather than sped up passenger screening because of the high rate of false alarms.

    Israel: Scanners rejected because blind spots allow explosives to be smuggled
    Israeli national News
    Rafi Sela, former chief of security at the Israel Airport Authority, warned the lawmakers, “You are reacting to incidents instead of being one step ahead of them” when the acquisition of the scanners was announced, days after a Nigerian national tried to blow up a U.S. airliner in December. “I don't know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines,” Sela commented. “I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.

    Child Porn Fears Block Under 18s From Full Body Scanners
    The Daily Mail
    18 October 2009
    Airport security personnel in British airports have been barred from scanning passengers under 18 years old with the newly adopted full body scanners due to warnings that the new devices may breach child pornography laws.
    The full-body scanners adopted by British airports in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt have come under fire over fears that the graphic images produced by the x-ray machines may violate child pornography laws.

    The comment period remains open until June 24, 2013, after which TSA will undoubtedly dismiss them and refuse to answer Congress as has been their custom. Meanwhile feel free to comment early and comment often and use any or all of the above.
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    Did I see this as a comment on the rule making site?
  10. Fisher1949

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    Probably in a shortened version. I've posted at least six comments there.
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    The NSA would do well to read this part of Mr. Smith's comments:

  13. Fisher1949

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    Wow!Clearly the most comprehensive comment yet.

    Kudos to Mr. Smith.
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  15. RB

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    I have crafted a short item for submission. Comments?

  16. RB

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    No suggested edits?
  17. Doober

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    Food for thought, RB:

    As I heard it, the fact that more people in Moore were not killed is that there was plenty of warning so people could get to shelters.

    That said, the kids at the school would not have died had the school had a shelter.

    Perhaps you should put more emphasis on spending that money on school shelters rather than on early warning or storm prediction solutions.
  18. nachtnebel

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    It's a good letter. Though I wonder whether personal impact/personal experience types of letters might be especially effective at this point.
  19. RB

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    I really don't know what might catch some attention from the people who will read the public submissions for the rule making proposal. I'm not sure the submissions will have any impact at all.
  20. TravelnMedic

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    Heck the money could be used to increase safety on our highways, as since the creation of TSA more and more people are dying on the roads year in year out. Ive seen it first hand more then I care to have.

    More people are killed each your on American roads then died in 9/11 each and every month since 2001, and its only getting worse. Yet there's no outrage or calls to fix it. 8 billion annually would go along way to correcting that trend
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