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    The public comment period for TSA AIT machine usage is still open, and will be until June 24. While we at the TSA News have beat encouraging comment to death, Freedom to Travel USA (disclaimer: I am a co-founder) received this comment from Deb that bears reading.
    ” Earlier today you guys asked us to share with you and readers what, if any lifestyle changes we have made regarding air travel. Have we really stopped flying? How much money are you not spending?
    Well – I’m really not flying. At least not the way I used to. If my children need me or if it is truly urgent business, I fly. Otherwise no. It’s now maybe 2 round-trips a year instead of 10 – 15.
    I’m not spending between 15k and 25k a year. That’s money that certainly would have been pumped back into our economy – hotels, restaurants, cars — business meetings that may have led to an exchange of ideas, and thus more business.
    Since cutting out ALL discretionary travel and severely curtailing my business travel, yes my life has changed – but not nearly as dramatically as I assumed it would. I do not miss the exhaustion, delays, tension and anxiety that accompanied every trip through the gulag. I no longer worry I will be selected for the carcinogenic scanner, and thus endure another sickening episode (cannot call it a ‘pat-down’) which includes strangers placing their hands inside the waistband of my pants and all through my hair. Talk about just plain GROSS.
    At least that’s what it is too me – disgusting, insulting, humiliating. For friends and colleagues with potentially embarrassing medical conditions or those who have survived assault it’s traumatizing and horrifying. Most of these people are done. Paralyzed. They are driving where ever possible – taking zero flights.
    These unprecedented trespasses upon us are a violation of social and civil norms that have been with us for centuries — but were all somehow instantly undone in the Fall of 2010, without so much as a single conversation with the traveling public. How is John Pistole not in jail, let alone still in charge of this fiasco? Or maybe it was just part of some bigger plan – curtail every right – then charm the public with your understanding — returning one or two ‘privileges’ we used to take for granted. Who knows?
    I voted for this Administration the first time around – never imaging that President Obama would not only not undo the unConstitutional policies set in place by the Bush Administration – but would instead deeply entrench them. I no longer identify with either major party.
    Thankfully though, today I no longer waste time measuring and pouring my cosmetics into magical tiny bottles, or roaming around strange towns looking for a CVS at midnight, so I can replace the stuff stolen or summarily tossed by TSA. It may seem trivial – the fact that we can no longer travel with certain possessions, foods and cosmetics or count on the fact that our stuff will be in our checked bags as we packed them.
    But if you are a woman traveling on business, just try and look professional for your meeting the next day without most of the things you need. Or try and find a decent restaurant you can go to by yourself at a late hour. I used to pack my meals, not only b/c the hours were late but simply b/c it was cost effective, healthy and highly convenient. No waiting, no wasted time looking for a place that delivers, no over-eating. But most of what I used to bring along is not allowed anymore.
    If the goal is to have us all show up for work the next day exhausted and looking a wreck, we can just add that to the pile of things wrong with a system that discourages free movement and entrepreneurial success – and encourages rampant theft by the very people charged with safeguarding. Better our time should be drained on tiny bottles, strategic wardrobing and packing for your inspection, inhaling crappy food, waiting in endless lines, changing in concourse restrooms (into your real business apparel), and doing hair and make-up there as well – lest we look at all attractive for the inspectors. Yup, real good use of our time and brainpower – strategizing just to “get through.”
    When we add up all the stolen 40 minutes’ here and 3 hours there — and factor in the distraction and worry that these gauntlets create for many — what we get is a population that is less and less productive in their everyday lives. I breathed a very deep sigh of relief when I finally got off this nauseating merry-go-round – which essentially processed me like a criminal into jail simply so I could go from City A to City B to do my job.
    A simple background check would quickly reveal that I am no threat to anyone – never have been – never will be – never been arrested – no problems at all – but instead our government wastes billions of dollars treating every last one of us like potential thugs. The theory here seems to be “we have no effective way to solve this, or make it LOOK like we’re solving it, so we’ll just punish everyone, all the time.”
    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stay home. I can absolutely live without the NFL, Disney, hockey games and all the other places where big crowds now bring out the security theatre circus. Why this circus is essential for the county fair but not the crowded supermarket has yet to be explained to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that processing everyone like a felon at every point in their every day, not only makes no sense, but would likely bankrupt us all.
    Yes my life today is less mobile. Some relatives complain that they “never see me.” I’ve missed concerts, family events, vacations and the like. I’m compensating by upgrading my home and socializing in the neighborhood. My work today is less fancy – more local – but my costs are lower and I have fewer headaches. No, I’m not pushing boundaries anymore in my profession – no longer setting any agendas. I’m complacent and competent. While that’s maybe good for me, it’s bad for this country — much as our inept healthcare system keeps people shackled to jobs they detest and inhibits entrepreneurship.
    We’re digging a hole here people. When we intimidate movement; when we remove citizens’ shoes and clothing and hold-hostage their possessions until they cooperate; when we tell people what they can and cannot bring with them, when we douse the public in radiation with machines we never bothered to properly test – operated by untrained hacks — when we teach children and teenagers that it’s perfectly normal for strangers to rummage through your handbag on a subway platform (‘for your safety’) or roam all over their bodies and inside their clothing in airports – we create a society that is the fundamental opposite of the one we have always known and what this nation’s founders intended.
    To the foolish people who say “look how great the TSA is – they’ve been keeping air travel safe now for 11 years” – I say the usual: Air travel has been made inherently safer by locking cockpit doors and changing the traveler mindset of cooperating with high-jackers. That’s it. All the rest is mostly nonsense — all cargo and luggage is not screened and any one of the many thieves who so readily steal your iPad could just as easily plant something on any plane for a price. Saying that this cartoon circus of pretend ‘officers’ — many of whom appear otherwise unemployable — are “keeping us safe” – is like saying – ‘thank goodness for my local police – I haven’t been attacked by a lion in 20 years.’ If any of this was really about genuine ‘security’ wouldn’t we be hiring true security professionals?
    When I look at all this lunacy and the people who endorse it – many of whom were friends I once admired — all I can do is be sad – and move on. Yet another part of everyday life now changed.
    The real question is – what kind of country do we want to be? One that supports growth and interaction and bold ideas, or one in which people bow out of opportunities, throw up their hands and say ‘enough?’
    It’s clear where we’re going — and it probably won’t change in our lifetimes. Can anything be done? I’m not really sure. I just know I don’t want to be part of what we are now. “
  2. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    RB, did your comment ever appear? I've searched for mine and find they still have not been published or the "comment tracking number not found"!!!! WTF?
  3. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Not that I have found. 3447 comments received, only 1251 posted.

    Seems someone is dragging their feet on this posting stuff. Might be because the comments are almost universally against TSA and its Strip Search Machines.
  4. Doober

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    I wonder if there is a penalty for not posting all responses by the end of the comment period. Not that the TSA would care.
  5. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Government never suffers a penalty. Take FOIA request. DHS routinely is a year plus on responding when the regualtion sets a 90 day window if I am not mistaken.
  6. Frank

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    TSA will do whatever it can get away with. Comments don't really affect this.

    What will affect this is freedom fluffers perp-walked out of airports. Or strung up on a white zone lamp post by a committee of vigilance that has had enough of the :trash:.

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