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    There are some great TSA comments here. This is live and not running in TSA's favor. Sign up is really simple and you can skip the steps on follows if you want. Could be a good source of stories.

  2. I got a kick out of this one:

    Wow, people are pissed:

    And this, in two tweets, from a blond bombshell:

    And look, if it takes not being able to take his beer through to make him hate the TSA, whatever brings him to our side:

    But I thought, you know, dignity and respect, or whatever:

    And also, I thought things have never been so fast with the scanners, and all that:

    I think people are starting to get it:

  3. These are endlessly good. In the page or so I've read, I'd say a majority of people are pissed about getting toothpaste and hair products taken away. But there are a fair number of complaints about pervy scanning and groping, and lots of bag searches where things were broken or stolen. Oh, and lots of complaints about long and inefficient lines. I'll note, too, that a lot of the posters are youngish, appear to be in their twenties or so, and they're pissed. I've been concerned that the younger generation is being conditioned to accept these violations... it appears the conditioning is not going smoothly.

    If twitter accurately represents public opinion, I don't know that TSA can redeem itself.
  4. Found a few more gems:

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    :) Nice.

    The #TSA hashtag is a mixed bag -- glad the useful tweets are being gathered.
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    I've said it before "TSA has taken away more of my dignity and curbed my rights as an American than any sandaled and turbaned evil doer plotting in a cave."

    (though the first time I said was over at that other place and was threatened to be sent in the corner...)
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    I pray for the day when, after TSA is placed on the dustbin of history, the moderators and board members of that other place are called on the carpet over all that TSA knob polishing.
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    On a positive note, TUG came about because of the over-moderation at the other place.
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    Yep. Sometimes a giant pile of :trash: can help some pretty amazing stuff grow.
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    You say tomato, I say toMAHto...

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