TSA Rants, we salute you

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    We received notice that an intrepid writer/observer, Patrick Seitz, took it upon himself to catalog one year of TSA complaints, primarily from Twitter.​
    His random testing found more than 23,000 complaints about the TSA, with a note that those complaints “barely scratch the surface . . . the actual number is easily several times higher than that.” The 23,000 were found by sampling a few hours of Twitter traffic a day, when Seitz’s schedule allowed.​
    The themes are common, and they’re in line with our own Master List of TSA Crimes and Abuses: the molestation of attractive women, racial profiling, mistreatment of the elderly and infirm, hair pawing, theft, vandalism and careless damage to property, confiscation of harmless personal products, flirting, and retribution to anyone who doesn’t meekly submit via making them wait and/or getting overly aggressive with pat-downs — this torte all iced with incompetence and laziness.​
    Seitz is leaving this endeavor, in part because this was his year of living dangerously, and in part because Twitter doesn’t easily lend itself to searches. Twitter is very good at immediacy but is a little difficult when it comes to history. It’s dependent upon the hashtags people use and/or one’s knowledge about who to has a good handle on on what’s going on with the TSA.​
    TSA News Blog salutes you, Patrick Seitz. You have done a great service to the significant numbers of travelers who are NOT interested in this “anything at any cost” approach to travel safety.

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